As many in the farming and ranching community would know, necessity is the mother of all invention. After countless trips and frustrating hours spent digging out pivot irrigation towers, Ryan felt `there surely needs to be a better way.` In 2006, Ryan created the first Auto Dry Track System. Since that time, Ryan began partnering with his brother in law, Lloyd Parsons, vice president, redesigning and proving this patent pending system to what it is today.

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This company also provides solutions for environmental applications.
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Ryan McConnell, president, grew up on a farm in Colorado raising registered Black Angus cattle and premium horse hay since 1968.

After high school, Ryan attended college in Alberta, Canada; he studied diversified livestock, and returned home to expand the family farming operation in Dix, Nebraska. For the past 14 years Ryan has managed the farm where to date they hold two production sales a year. 

The McConnell Angus Ranch holds production sales in the newly built sale barn, presenting 170 top quality bulls, and 200 registered cows. The farm continues to produce premium horse hay and corn, along with a 1000 head feedlot and a heifer development program. Ryan along with his lovely wife Annette, raise five children and enjoy the quality of life only provided in agriculture.
Vice President Lloyd Parsons' background experience is in
commercial construction and agriculture.

Construction of the Auto Dry Track System began as a family affair in Lloyd's shop in Lewistown, Montana, with his three sons creating an assembly line to produce and package the Auto Dry Track System. In addition to creating the Auto Dry Track System, Lloyd is in real estate, focusing on the sale of farms and ranches exclusively. 

In January 2012, Lloyd and Ryan have taken to the road, attending farm and ranch expos across the state to introduce this new system. This spring 2012 finds the construction/ production in full swing with the Robert Troyer family, who are part of an Amish community newly located in Moore Montana.