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  • Glasshouse Construction Services

    Glasshouse Construction Services

    A glasshouse offers protection from outside influences and makes climate control possible. Dutch firms specializing in glasshouse construction possess an enormous amount of international know-how and experience in building glasshouses for horticultural products. For instance, in designing glasshouses they not only take into account climate and light but if necessary also the risk of earthquakes. Two types of glasshouses are mostly commonly built: the...

  • Water and Fertilizer Dosage

    Water and Fertilizer Dosage

    Many sorts of systems exist to provide crops with water and plant food. The system chosen particularly depends on the water available (sort, quantity, quality), the type of crop (vegetables, flowers, plants), the culture medium (rockwool, concrete or soil) and the grower's personal wishes. Several AVAG members have specialized in this field and are highly experienced in designing and installing tailor-made systems for individual projects.

  • Electrical Fittings, Lighting and Automation Services

    Electrical Fittings, Lighting and Automation Services

    Firms affiliated to the AVAG, specializing in electrotechnical installations and automation, have a great deal of experience with the installations and equipment specifically produced in the Netherlands for the horticultural sector. Therefore, as far as glasshouse projects in the Netherlands are concerned, these firms are much in demand as they are able to realise the installation of electrical fittings and automation programmes with the maximum...