AXO Group is an Italian company that develops, imports and distributes equipment and a wide range of power-driven machines with proven reliability, designed to provide a logical response to the needs of the European market. Machines with an Italian soul, both in terms of design and quality standards: generators for work, home and recreation, residential and commercial mowers, garden and construction light equipment, wheelbarrows motor, cultivators, water pumps and snow blowers for the country life and enterprise. At the heart of the offering, simple motors, rugged and tested in Italy, suitable for original equipment or as replacement parts, with high performance and low running costs. From the work in construction site, up to care of the garden, with AXO solve the problem.

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Via Spallanzani 15 , Castelnovo di Sotto , 42024 Italy

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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for environmental applications.
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It all began in 2003 with the founding of AXO Generators, a company created to produce and market generators for various sectors such as agriculture, gardening, construction, and hardware.

Right from the get-go we invested in trade relations with developing countries in the Orient driven by the growing demand for products with the right quality/price ratio, and thus began importing products to add to and supplement those provided by AXO Generators.

With natural and spontaneous growth we started offering the market single and twin cylinder engines for original equipment and/or replacement parts, low and high head motor pumps, small power-driven construction equipment, and small garden machinery both electric and fuel powered, personally handling selection and certification.

In 2008 we established AXO Garden S.r.l. entrusting it with the management and marketing of all gardening equipment, both electric and gas-powered. We started manufacturing caterpillar, mechanical, as well as hydraulic mini transporters also in 2008, which were then presented to the market by our sales network.
At the present time, the company has expanded its scope and now includes a group of brands covering different sectors.

There are traits that distinguish how we do things: the values deeply rooted within us as individuals are of foremost importance. And as individuals, we always bear these references in mind in our work, as well as in the products and services we offer.Today we want to anchor our group’s genetic map, which is divided into three main areas.

AXO Commercial DNA
People come first: our business is founded on respect and transparency. We firmly believe that common sense and good ethical values are just as important as economic values. We sell our products at reasonable prices: a result of the intrinsic qualities of the product, the tests it is subject to, and the services encompassing it. The reasonable price offered to the public by our retailers is different than what you can find online. Retailers offer an important service to the end customer, which is key for the customer to become familiar with the product. The retailer takes the machine out of its packaging and assembles it, adds consumables such as oil and performs a series of checks in order to deliver a turnkey product. Often the retailer will demonstrate how to use the product. These are all value added services, so we need to recognize the retailer’s expertise. Together with our retailers we share the desire to always offer the best to customers. For this reason we ask them what they think about products, and ask them to share the opinions and experiences of their customers, because we strive to improve our offer every day. We are very serious about this: if a product does not meet our standards, we remove it and rethink it over.

AXO Product DNA
AXO has created a range of products designed in Italy for the internal and European market, produced in accordance with EU standards at today’s most logical locations for manufacturing them. All AXO equipment is manufactured in compliance with EC directives. Moreover, already today a wide selection of products (soon to be the entire range) are further tested and certified in Italy by a leading certification body.

AXO Service DNA
A good product is not good enough for attaining full customer satisfaction. That is why our products are flanked by a series of bespoke services for customers. This is all underpinned by the transparency which is infused throughout all aspects of our business: from product labels to catalogues to the website. One way to best support our customers and show our professionalism.


AXO WORK - drive the evolution
AXO Work designs and manufactures tracked mini transporters, mechanical, and hydraulic, as well as construction equipment. AXO Work mini transporters are designed to facilitate travelling over rough terrain and steep slopes, ensuring excellent manoeuvrability in complete safety. The motion control has been designed to allow full control of the equipment with only one hand, so you can save a great deal of time in managing the task. AXO WORK construction equipment are products specifically designed for compaction and for cutting joints and/or asphalt. Equipment made with high quality components, equipped with engines made and tested by AXO Engines, which are already used on many other products. These machines are of simple and rugged construction, versatile, and easy to maintain.

AXO WATERPUMPS - flowing technology
AXO Water Pumps designs and manufactures engine driven pumps suitable for any type of application. The high capacity or high head models are able to meet your every need. They are simple to use, reliable, and particularly smooth running. Quality components, attention to detail are the main characteristics of these products: dedication that we deliver to all of our customers through direct support and our quick and efficient spare parts service. The soundness of our products is the cornerstone of our offer.

AXO GENERATORS - multipurpose energy
AXO Generators designs and manufactures generators for a wide range of applications for various sectors such as industry, agriculture, and telecommunications; the range includes products especially suitable for construction sites and renting out in general. The range offered varies from 1 to 200 kVA with standard and/or special accessories, both on simple frames and those featuring conventional and/or digital soundproofing technology. The engines and alternators used are made by well-known and prestigious manufacturers. A solid foundation and efficiency, along with the use of new components, are the qualities that set us apart from the rest. Attention to detail and paying close attention to customer needs complement our mission.

AXO GARDEN - garden solutions
AXO Garden was established 2008 for the purpose of managing and marketing all of our gardening equipment, both gas and electric powered. Still in 2008, we started manufacturing tracked mini transporters, both mechanical and hydraulic, which are offered to the market by our sales network. AXO Garden today offers the market a full range of gardening and agriculture products. All of our products meet the strictest safety standards, undergo meticulous quality control tests, and we provide replacement parts and assistance for the entire range.

AXO ENGINES - power in motion
AXO Engines offers a vast assortment of engines suitable for a wide range of applications. Petrol or diesel, horizontal or vertical shaft, you are sure to find the perfect engine for your application: from mowers to farm machinery, from electric generators to construction equipment. Subject to strict tests in Italy, these engines provide dependable and smooth operation. Quality components and attention to detail are the main characteristics of these products: dedication that we deliver to all of our customers through direct support and our quick and efficient spare parts service. The soundness of our products is the cornerstone of our offer.

AXO Services is division of AXO Group specialised in customer support, after-sales management, and the maintenance and recovery of spare parts for all products purchased at AXO Generators, AXO Engines, AXO Garden, AXO Work, and AXO Water Pumps. Prompt and accurate service, bespoke customer assistance, delivered with the objective to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.