Ayerbe Plantas Industriales de Secado S.L. (APISA)

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  • APISA - Cereal Dryers

    APISA - Cereal Dryers

    Traditionally, cereal drying has been the principle area of expertise of APISA. Today, it is able to respond all the needs of the market. The installations that APISA offers to its customers include the reception, drying and storage of cereals.APISA manufactures column dryers with a capacity to process typically between 2.000 Kg/h to 80.000 Kg/h, although they can also be made for higher production rates.

  • APISA - Special Dryers

    APISA - Special Dryers

    APISA’s experience in cereal and fodder drying, has allowed them to apply drying technology to other products according to the customer demands. Depending on the product different drying techniques can be applied, consistent with the highest quality and low cost.