Our company was established by Selahattin AYYILDIZ in 1969as an agricultural machinery manufacturer and is located in Tokat in the middle Black Sea region. At the beginingthe company manufactured plows, traillers and cultivators in small amounts. With the participation of the young generation of the family in 1974 the company started manufacturing threshing machines in large amount. İn coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture and faculties of agriculture our companyhas played a key role during the transitionperiod to agricultural machinery in the country. One of the important issues is the continious contant with farmers to be able to make the practices of the researches with high qualty machines in the country. Our firm manufactures threshing machines, sail reapers, potato lifters, fertilizer spreaders and is receiving positive feetback about its product. At the same time our firm has designed samples fort he Middle East market and the tests were all favorable.

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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Crop Cultivation
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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İn order to get the same result in all tests and to serve the farmers as needed, our teams provides the repair and maintenance services of our machines. We are proud to be in the market for 44 years and have the pride of our experience and attentive service we provide for our farmers.

İn the first quarter of 2001 our company entered a period of reorganization and in order to contribute to the country economy we set up a branch in İmes İndustrial Zone on automotive supply industry and machining. We keep producing different range of merchandises with CNS technology in world standard. We registered our qualty with ISO 9001:certificate.   

We are proud to contribute our counrtry’s economy with our 44 years experience and qualty policy.

Our Vission
AYYILDIZ first dream and  while making dreams comes true provides unrectricted services,cultivates,produce,harveste and provide technological machinery manufacturing industry for professionals.

Our Mission

  • To follow the developments and innovations closely.
  • To Aim to produce best
  • While Bringing innovation to industry ,improve his stuff continuous.
  • Beyond the client expectations, creates its own quality standards
  • To beleive on  user and stakeholder-oriented work, continuous improvement, product innovation.