Azienda Agricola Pescicoltura Burrini

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  • Fishing Plants

    Fishing Plants

    The Azienda Agricola Pescicoltura Burrini plants can be considered complementary because they manage to carry out all the possible operations for the trout breeding. This represents a strategic point for the firm because it doesn’t need of other external plants to have eggs, fingerlings and trout for its own production.

  • Trout Eggs Production

    Trout Eggs Production

    The eggs produced by Pescicoltura Burrini are available during all the year. The production follows some well defined rules, acquired through a fifties years’ experience: the squeezing , the fertilization, the hatching and the packing. The eggs are aimed to the repopulation of big plants in Italy, Austria, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Lebanon, Israel, Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Afghanistan, Bolivia, Colombia, Serbia, Bulgaria,...

  • Trout Production

    Trout Production

    The Azienda Agricola Pescicoltura Burrini’s trout has to observe some defined parameters to obtain a final product following the qualitative market standard.