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  • VALTRA - Model S Series - Tractor

    VALTRA - Model S Series - Tractor

    Total efficiency and productivity are the result of the first-class work of our designers and the high-quality of implementation. These qualities are combined in the Valtra S Series - never before has there been such a focus on driver comfort and economy. The Valtra S Series introduced in 2008 was the first agricultural tractor in the world to feature AGCO e3 SCR technology to clean exhaust emissions. We have created a spacious and quiet cab (71 dB)...

  • VALTRA - Model A SERIES - Tractor

    VALTRA - Model A SERIES - Tractor

    The A Series has a long and impressive heritage as the most popular tractor in Scandinavia. The new HiTech models introduce serveral new structural and technical improvements to the A Series. Naturally these tractors are still strong, lightweight and agile, but they now come with many new features. The traditional A Series tractor models will be available in the future as the A72, A82, and A92 Classic. Power shuttle equipped A series tractors are...

  • VALTRA - Model Tubular S5 Series - Tractors

    VALTRA - Model Tubular S5 Series - Tractors

    The T Series continues the long tradition of powerful 6-cylinder tractors from Scandinavia. The T Series offers the right alternative for customers looking for a lot of power for both traditional farming tasks, as well as municipal and forest applications. The T Series is recognised around the world as a heavy-duty machine that nevertheless offers the highest levels of comfort for long hours of efficient work.

  • VALTRA - Model N Series Versu/Direct - Tractors

    VALTRA - Model N Series Versu/Direct - Tractors

    Now less (cylinders) is more (productivity). The most powerful model in the N Series, the N163, produces up to 700 Nm of torque and 171 horsepower. Valtra Versu tractors have been designed above all to make it possible to work long days efficiently. The automated transmission and assisted brakes make driving easy. The five Powershift speeds in each of the 6 speed ranges give you an impressive 30 speeds in both directions. Even easier is the automatic...

  • VALTRA - Model Kioti CK - Tractors

    VALTRA - Model Kioti CK - Tractors

    The CK Series is 20hp-35hp compact tractors loaded with features such as the industry's simplest maintenance and an ultra-quiet, low vibration, environmentally friendly Daedong diesel engine. All CK series tractors feature suspended brake and clutch pedals to maximize the operator platform for ease of movement by providing more space.