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Products by Ritchie Ltd

  • Ritchie Cattle Products

  • Ritchie - Calf Creep Feeder

    Ritchie - Calf Creep Feeder

    Robust all steel construction. Full length trough fed from approx. 300kgs capacity hopper. Bird-proof hopper filled from weatherproof, easily operated, sliding door at the rear of the feeder. Adjustable header rail to keep out cows. Fitted with skids for easy movement.Recommended to be fixed down in exposed locations. Hot dipped galvanised finish.

  • Ritchie - Continental Cattle Handling Crate

    Ritchie - Continental Cattle Handling Crate

    Fully automatic yoke with auto reset facility. Easily adjusted neck yoke widths. Complete access to both sides of animal with 8 door access. Ratchet type rump bar operation. Complete with rear gate and aluminium 5 bar treadplate floor.

  • Feeding Products

  • Ritchie - Bottomless Feed Ring

    Ritchie - Bottomless Feed Ring

    Robust easy to handle Feed Ring. Diameter 2050mm, height 1450mm. Solid 620mm deep sheet metal skirt ribbed for strength. All welded fabrication. Supplied in two sections for easy 6bolt assembly. Hot dipped galvanised 18 wide feed spaces

  • Ritchie - Tombstone Feed Ring

    Ritchie - Tombstone Feed Ring

    10 feed spaces. Ideal for horned cattle and calves. Supplied in five parts for easy assembly. Hot dipped galvanised finish.

  • Ritchie Lamb Feeding Equipment

  • Ritchie - Lamb Creep Hurdle

    Ritchie - Lamb Creep Hurdle

    Robustly constructed tubular steel frame. Easily adjustable spacing between the rollers. The steel rollers offer 3 width settings of 150 mm, 190 mm and 225 mm. Simple frame fixings with joining pins. Hot Dipped Galvanised Finish.

Products by Bison Industries Inc

  • Apache - Creep Feeders

    Apache - Creep Feeders

    Studies show that creep feeding is one of the most economic ways to add 80 to 100 pounds to the weaning weights of calves. Calves that experience creep feeding usually suffer less setback at weaning and adapt to feedlot rations quicker than calves which aren’t fed a grain based creep feed. The creep panels are removable to further utilize as a self-feeder.

  • Apache - Feeder Wagon

    Apache - Feeder Wagon

    University trials show that nearly 35% of all hay fed is wasted! Apache Feeder Wagons are very maneuverable, incorporating a tight turning radius and extendable tongue for easy hook-up. Our patented vertical flexible inner rack system allows the wagon to flex on uneven ground.

  • Apache - Small Livestock Feeder

    Apache - Small Livestock Feeder

    Designed for livestock up to 350 lbs Available in 6', 10', 16', and 24' lengths Portable and stationary units available Fence line feeder also available.

  • Apache - Medium Livestock Feeder

    Apache - Medium Livestock Feeder

    Designed for 300 to 700 lb. livestock. Available in 10', 14', 16', 20' lengths. Portable units also available. Fence line feeder also available. Patented vertical flexible inner rack system allows unit to flex on uneven ground. Available galvanized or painted. 12 gauge pan provides longer pan life. Pan/axle gussets mounted over all rear axles. Full Apache warranty. Heavy-duty new 2' spindles. Strongest front end assembly in the industry. Full frame...

  • Apache - 6 Unit Drawbar Bale Transporter

    Apache - 6 Unit Drawbar Bale Transporter

    Move bales easily with this line of Apache bale transporting equipment. Available in 4, 6, and 8 bale capacity. Available in drawbar, gooseneck, or dolley front end. Bale cradles pass through main frame - no butt welded cradles. 14 ply tires are standard. Heavy duty flotation tires and rims are available as an option. 102' width to accommodate larger 6 1/2' bales. Recessed lighting availableFactory installed brakes available. Designed to be...

  • Apache - Range Feeder

    Apache - Range Feeder

    Fine feed drops into a pan so feed can be put back into Range Feeder. Available in 600; 900; 1,200; 1,500; 2,000; and 3,200 pound capacities. Feeds any size cubes—alfalfa hay cubes—ear corn. Elevator conveyor for less break-up of cubes. Adjustable door to control amount of feed.

  • Apache PALCO - Crowding Tub

    Apache PALCO - Crowding Tub

    PALCO Crowding Tubs offer you a top quality, safe and portable means of handling your livestock. Two people can be ready to work cattle in 10 minutes or less!. Dimensions and construction suitable for any crowding or sorting conditions: Height 6', Length 16' or 20', Radius 8' or 10', Construction 1 1/2' square tubing. Pull 12 drop pins and your tub knocks down into 4 pieces for easy transport in your stock trailer. No posts in the ground allow the tub...