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  • APACHE - Creep Feeders / Self Feeders

    APACHE - Creep Feeders / Self Feeders

    Dolly front end Easy to operate winch assembly to raise and lower panels Heavier full length under bracing Heavier full length under bracing Available on 8' - 150 bu., 12' - 225 bu. and 16' - 300 bu. Models Lift system will retro fit all high profile older Creep Feeders.

  • Apache - Feeder Wagon with 2 Back Axles

    Apache - Feeder Wagon with 2 Back Axles

    Apache Feeder Wagons save 80-90% of otherwise wasted hay. Available in 10', 12', 16', 20', 24', 32', and 40' lengths. Patented vertical flexible inner rack system allows unit to flex on uneven ground. Available fully primed and painted or hot dipped galvanized. 12 gauge pan provides longer pan life. Heavy-duty new 2' spindles. Full frame construction. All Apache Feeders Wagons come with heavy duty axles and tongues.

  • Apache - Stationary Hay Feeder

    Apache - Stationary Hay Feeder

    Pan/axle gussets mounted over all rear axles. Strongest front end assembly in the industry. Full Apache warranty. Steel or mesh liners available. Tongue extension for easy hook-up is standard. 'Z' bar slants provide more neck room for far greater animal safety. New 9.5L x 15' tires and tubes; valve stem guards standard. Can be pulled tandem. Factory installed heavy duty rear hitches available.

  • Apache - Bale Transporters

    Apache - Bale Transporters

    Available in 4, 6, and 8 bale capacity. Available in drawbar, gooseneck, or dolley front end.  Bale cradles pass through main frame - no butt welded cradles.  14 ply tires are standard. Heavy duty flotation tires and rims are available as an option. 102' width to accommodate larger 6½' bales. Recessed lighting available. Factory installed brakes available. Designed to be decked for flat-bed use. Top rack above wheels carries two large...

  • Ritchie - Model 300 Series - Livestock Waterers

    Ritchie - Model 300 Series - Livestock Waterers

    Patented water seal top cover shields hardware from weather and animals. Polyurethane insulation sealed inside polyethylene parts. Float and valve easily removed for service Time tested float and valve - fast response with no 'hammer' effect. Fast recovery valve supplies 16.5 gal. per minute at 60 psi.* For lower water pressure, see chart below, larger orifice available. Optional drop-in heater and supply line cable heater available. Corrosion proof,...