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  • Bulk Feed Tanks

    Bulk Feed Tanks

    Designed and built to the highest quality standards, Cumberland Bulk Feed Tanks give you the ultimate in strength and durability. We offer a full range of sizes with storage capcities from 2.5 up to 53 tonnes. Hopper angles of 60 and 67 degrees ensure smooth delivery of all freeflowing feed materials. Bulk feed tanks can be supplied with a range of accessories ensuring ease of use and maximum user safety.

  • Flex Flo - Feed Delivery Systems

    Flex Flo - Feed Delivery Systems

    Flex Flo is the perfect partner to the bulk feed tanks, offering clean, effective and effecient feed delivery from tank to feeding system. Available in 55, 75, 90 and 125 mm sizes, Flex Flo offers feed delivery rates up to 6000 kg/minute. Optional metal unload boots allow connection of up to four feed lines on one tank. Feed sensors, maximum run timers, extension hoppers and 90 degree extensions enable flexibility of use and maximum efficiency and...

  • Feeding Systems

    Feeding Systems

    HI LO PAN FEEDING: Hi Lo 1Cumberland’s Hi Lo pan feeding system represents a unique concept in the poultry industry, taking the bird from day old through to adult in just the one pan. This means maximum feed availability at all stages of the bird’s growth without the need to lay out chick feeders. Additional features such as the feed saver lip and deep adult pan offers maximum feed efficiency and minimal feed wastage. Hi Lo pans are...