B & S Research, Inc.

B & S Research, Inc.

We are the Research Company and developers of the Farm For Profit Sustainable Agriculture Program. For over 30 years we have developed a system that helps farmers manage their soil, balance the soil nutrition, control the use of chemicals, and significantly reduce the odor from farm animal waste. B & S Research uses farmer’s experiences and data to increase profits by cutting costs thus maintaining and increasing yields. It is a program of Farmers helping Farmers.

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4345 Hwy 21 , Embarrass , 55732 Minnesota, USA
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Agriculture Monitoring and Testing
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Nationally (across the country)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Farm For Profit is the leader in Sustainable Agriculture through Bio-Remediation, which is the integration of natural microorganisms into the soil. It is a 4 step program which helps farmers:

  • Through soil management, we develop healthy soil with Agri – Achieve and Agri – Remedy
  • Balance nutrition with True Solution Starter Fertilizer
  • Reduce chemical rates with Farm For Profit Vegetable Oil
  • Through education and training to maximize success, which is Farmers helping Farmers
  • Reduce odor and increase pumpability of livestock waste with our Manure Liquefier

B & S Research, Inc. is an advanced technology company in the field of bioremediation. Co-founded in 1979 by Bill and Suzi Lashmett, they developed and tested a series of biological products which have proven to be uniquely effective in the cleanup of toxic soil, contaminated water situations, and the problem of livestock waste. Listed in both the ATACA and VISITT Databanks, these products are the basis of the Farm For Profit Program.

The B & S Research products and tested procedures are utilized to improve the environmental quality of the soil by effectively treating toxic, hazardous or offensive compounds at the contamination site. The bioremediation solution has been effective on hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons (fertilizers, pesticides, and PCB’s).