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  • CAT DADDY - Commercial Zero-Turn Mowers

    CAT DADDY - Commercial Zero-Turn Mowers

    Our top dog is all CAT.Locked and loaded for blasting through commercial mower work with the fuel efficient reliability and sheer power of a Caterpillar engine, the Diesel mower brings brute force power to bear on whatever territory you mow. Combined with legendary Bad Boy Mowers build strength, the Diesel lawn mower is more than just the toughest zero turn mower available, it's also the best value in its class. With incredible reliability and build...

  • Bad Boy - Zero Turn Mower

    Bad Boy - Zero Turn Mower

    Bred from the best in the business.A classic example of why Bad Boy has become the fastest growing zero-turn mower on the market. Powerful enough for professionals and priced for homeowners, the Outlaw features a high-horsepower engine paired with our legendary, all-steel welded build strength, patented Swing-Away™ full access design, full half-inch front wheel forks and quarter inch welded steel deck. This mower is virtually indestructible, and...

  • Bad Boy ZT Elite - Zero Turn Mower

    Bad Boy ZT Elite - Zero Turn Mower

    A perfect example of how we never stop improving our mowers. Most would leave well enough alone with their most popular model—not us. Keeping our commerical grade 1/2' steel front forks, 2' x 2' tubular steel framing and 7-gauge solid steel deck powered by high-horsepower engines, we’ve improved virtually everything else. With longer and lower frame for better traction, improved precision steering, more robust hydraulic system and over-all...

  • Bad Boy - Model MZ Series - Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

    Bad Boy - Model MZ Series - Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

    The direct result of just not knowing any better.Small zero-turn lawn mowers were never supposed to be this well-built, this inexpensive and this much fun. Otherwise all the other lawn mower manufacturers who have been at this a lot longer than us would have already built it — right? Apparently we didn't get the memo and good old-fashioned American ingenuity wins again.

  • Bad Boy - Model ZT Series - Commercial Grade Mower

    Bad Boy - Model ZT Series - Commercial Grade Mower

    We took our best-selling —and popular — ZT,upgraded and refined it again to an honest-to-goodness commercial grade mower ready to tackle the grind of mowing day-in and day-out. The higher horsepower engine options and dual rear hydraulics for power, larger tires for better traction and larger Hydro-Gear® drive for heavier-duty performance round out an economical featurepacked mower that’s ready to go to work. It’s got all...