Badalini Srl

Badalini Srl

We produce specific machines for working in plantations of trees for energy production (biomass). Pratically we manufacture according to the customer`s requirements. Our firm is specialized in the production of agricultural machines for working the soil. Our machines are employed in agricultural and nursery sector, for working the soil between the plants, sowed or transplanted in rows; or for the mechanical weed destruction in organic farming (biological agriculture). The production of agricultural machines began in 1949/1950 with Franco Badalini, fourth and younger son of Gerolamo. Soon Franco showed exceptional genius and creativity in planning and invention of agricultural machines. He immediately patented cultivators with spring tines, afterwards produced as standard all over the world also by other companies. He conceived a revolutionary disc harrow and he patented some innovative details of it.

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Strada Delmona 1 , Rivarolo Mantovano (MN) , 46017 Italy
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Crop Cultivation
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Globally (various continents)

According to cultivation requirements, we provide technical advice to operate in the best way and with the less expensive method.

In the soil-working-machinery sector, thanks to computer-assisted design and manufacturing, our machines are among the most technologically advanced:they are projected to reduce the power absorbed by the tractor and to get greater profits. Moreover they have always been realized with certified materials that assure their exceptional long life.

It is not rare to find Badalini machines that have uninterruptedly been working for 30 years.

We can manufacture special machines according to different demands or particular measures. We can supply references of our customers who have been working for years with our machines, in countries as New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, Japan, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, United States, Canada, Africa, Great Britain, Germany, Lithuania, Ukraine, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, France, Austria, Holland, Turkey, Israel, etc

The firm is one of the oldest in Italy and already existed in the first years of thirties with the name of G. BADALINI (Gerolamo, the grandfather of the actual owner) who repaired and used agricultural machines. A postcard dated 1933 confirms this. The same family has been the only owner for more than 75 years.

He invented and patented the harrow with the interchangeable tines, suitable to work the soil with tractors both with and without hydraulic power lift device: these machines from 1950 to 1960 were produced in more than 30.000 pieces.

In 1960 a genial and futuristic invention changed history of agriculture: Franco invented the 'multi-row rototiller', the only machine for mechanical weed-killing, which is very actual also today for the protection of environment.

Franco conceived everything of this machine: the type of work, the disposition and regulation of the working units, the transmission system, and finally even its name.

After Franco's death in 1987, his son Giorgio, the actual owner, succeeded and continued the activity.

The production has improved thanks to the most advanced technologies. This enables to manufacture machines for a modern agriculture conceived to save money, time and energy.