Badinotti Group S.p.A.

Badinotti Group S.p.A.

Aquaculture is developing, expanding and intensifying in almost all regions of the world, as the global population demand for aquatic food products is expected to increase. Globally, production from capture fisheries has leveled off and most of the main fishing areas have reached their maximum potential. Sustaining fish supplies from capture fisheries will, therefore, not be able to meet the growing global demand for aquatic food.

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Viale Ortles, 5 , Milano , 20139 Italy
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If you think of retirement as when you feel lost or where people have nothing to do, read what Giovanni Badinotti did.

This gentleman, now senior after spending his life working in the offices of the City, reached the fateful moment. Instead of setting aside, he opened a net store in Porta Vigentina in the heart of Milan.  We are in the early twentieth century, Giovanni is not limited in selling only fishing nets, but also fishing lines, floats and all that is needed for a fishing passionate of the lakes, close to where he is located.

Usually, not all the passions of the fathers are passed to their children, Carlo, son of Giovanni does not want to know anything about fishing, as a matter of fact, he began working as an engraver.  Probably, his father would have let him do this job, if he considers that he can live out of it, but that was not the case.

Giovanni decides to wait five or six years, then tries again to convince his son. Giovanni suggests to his son, to take over the shop to make a bit of money. Carlo replied that fishing shop does not match his interest, and thinks that his father has finally understood. And he was wrong, the father still has a card to play, the decisive one. Because he liked fishing so much, he knew which fishing stores were the best equipped in Milan. The store which was best equipped and had a vast variety of stock, was in Agnelo St., just behind the Duomo of Milan.

At that time, the store was directed by a girl, which was very unusual during those years. She is called Annunciata Colosio, she comes from Monteisola an island on Lake Iseo. This island is full of net manufactures, which have been doing this for nearly a century; since the Emperor Francesco Giuseppe, head of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, give to his people the task of repairing the remaining nets of the Venetian fleet. From the people of Monteisola, Annunciata has learned the art of manufacturing nets.

Annunciata and her family, are all masters in the arm mount and nets, furthermore Annunciata is beautiful, and she is not yet married.  Giovanni finds a way to bring them together.  A few years later, Giovanni and the beautiful girl from monteisola got married with Carlo. They decided to take over the fishing store in Porta Vicentina, and because of this, Carlo starts to understand something about fishing.

Fish consumption will continue its upward trend during the next years leading to a consolidation in the fish production industry. This in turn will make them look for global partners that are reliable, trustworthy and deliver value added solutions.

We look to satisfy the needs of containment and protection of fish to all companies in the aquaculture and fishing industry, through integral solutions, local presence and global experience with a reliable track record proven by our more than 100 years of existence.