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  • Aquaculture

  • Badinotti - Model PA - Nylon Net

    Badinotti - Model PA - Nylon Net

    The polyamide net can be manufactured adopting a weaving technology called 'Superknot' granting, under the same title, a higher breaking strength, although, in such a case there is an increase of the weight. In addition to a higher breaking strength, another important characteristic of the “Superknot” is the good retaining in case of holes for net rupture or tearing so avoiding the net unravelling, once cutting is made.

  • Badinotti - Model PES - Polyester Net

    Badinotti - Model PES - Polyester Net

    Due to the high resistance to breaking and UV resistance, polyester is used in production of bird protection nets. High resistant fiber, also suitable for frequent washing in net washer due to its low level of shrinkage. Polyester net can also be supplied with a black bonding treatment to increase the durability performance. Also available in hexagonal mesh. COLOURS: black/white

  • Badinotti - Mixed Nylon + Polyethylene Net

    Badinotti - Mixed Nylon + Polyethylene Net

    Main characteristics of a mixed Nylon + Polyethylene net, combine both the advantage of lightness of polyethylene combined with higher strength and breaking load of polyamide fiber. Such net type is mainly used for fish farming whose sites are generally located in protected areas sheltered from sea waves and strong winds. The blend can help the farmer with high level of fouling growth. The PE presence inside the twine give a sleepery ground to the...

  • Badinotti - Fish Farming Cage Net

    Badinotti - Fish Farming Cage Net

    Due to the ever stricter environmental regulations as well as tendency of costs reduction in production, fish farming current trend is more and more oriented towards the use of bigger off-shore cages. Furthermore, the increased volume of the farming capacity, as well as improving the life conditions of animals, can also increase the quantity of production.

  • Badinotti - Harvesting Net (Sweep Net) for Cage Farming.

    Badinotti - Harvesting Net (Sweep Net) for Cage Farming.

    Badinotti Group can supply ready to use Tailor-made Harvesting Net (sweep net) for cage Farming. Generally produced like a purse seine net model, it can be very useful in the harvesting procedure in cage farming. Equipped with an upper floats-line and a base lead-line. The Dimension should be approx the perimetry of the cage x the net depth+1mt. It can be used together with the grader net like :EzeeGrader

  • Badinotti - Landing Net

    Badinotti - Landing Net

    Badinotti Group can supply ready to use Landing net for harvesting the fish and collect them on board. Made with a strong double ring in Hot dip galvanized steel, it is equipped with a double netting and a sock base net. A special top hook is installed on the top ropes of the landing net in order to provide manually the sock/basket opening with a simply operation.

  • Badinotti - Net Coatings - Antifouling for Fish Farming Nets

    Badinotti - Net Coatings - Antifouling for Fish Farming Nets

    Flexgard antifouling net treatment is available in both water and solvent base. FLEXGARD products are distributed in the following countries and regions: the US, Canada, Chile, Australia, Asia, Cyprus, Middle East, Africa, Northern Europe and Southern Europe. Flexabar Aquatech was the first to introduce waterbase antifoulants Flexgard to the aquaculture and commercial fishing industries. As a major worldwide supplier these registered products have...

  • Fishing

  • Badinotti - Braided and Twisted Twines

    Badinotti - Braided and Twisted Twines

    BADINOTTI twines are well known for quality and consistency at a fair price. Twines are available in a large range styles and colors and are used in a variety of applications. The ranges of products are available with different raw material choices, including nylon, polyester and Polypropylene. Modern equipment for manufacturing equipment allows us to supply 8 or 16 carrier braided twines to wholesale and consumer markets. Our twisted twines are a...

  • Badinotti - PVC Floats

    Badinotti - PVC Floats

    After careful evaluation of the market, BADINOTTI PERU developed a line of PVC floats, providing excellent buoyancy to withstand the most difficult conditions. The specially designed PVC formulas allow the floats to be used even in very large nets used in the Pacific Ocean. Durability and the maintenance of buoyancy over extended periods have made BADINOTTI floats the market leader. Due to constant research and product improvement we have become the...

  • Sport

  • Badinotti - Protective Netting

    Badinotti - Protective Netting

    Security at the workplace and throughout recreation areas has grown significantly in the past years. The laws and the standards recently introduced are more rigorous both in the European Community and in individual Countries. Badinotti's netting is approved to meet the standards for safety nets in the European community. Badinotti protective netting is produced with raschel double front looms. The smooth surface, given the lack of knots, prevents...

Products by Smart Farm AS

  • Mussel-Seed, Mussels & Seaweed

  • SmartUnits - On-Growing Mussels

    SmartUnits - On-Growing Mussels

    Our nursery, husbandry & harvesting solutions. Mussels/rope-grown bivalves: Collector-cleaning ahead of new spat settlement. Natural settlement or Seeding spat from hatchery. Control density. Reduce predators & fouling: Starfish, tunicates, barnacles, annelid worm, other fauna and flora. Gentle harvesting with minimum stress & breakage.

  • SmartUnits - Mussel Seed Production

    SmartUnits - Mussel Seed Production

    Our nursery, husbandry & harvesting solutions. Seed, wild catch or nursery:. Collector-cleaning ahead of new settlement. Natural settlement or. Seeding spat from hatchery. Reduce predators like starfish. Gentle & efficient spat-harvesting with minimum stress & breakage.

  • SmartUnits - Seaweed Production

    SmartUnits - Seaweed Production

    Our nursery, husbandry & harvesting solutions. Seaweed: Seeding algae from hatchery, If necessary – reduce fouling. Kelp-harvesting with the root or leaving the root for new growth.

  • Oyster, Clamps & Scallops

  • Husbandry Cleaning Machines

    Husbandry Cleaning Machines

    Machinery for efficient operations with minimum use of resources. It’s custom-designed for Smart Farm’s unique farming system, an excellent tool for efficient operation with a minimum use of resources. The machine may be delivered as a pure cleaning / husbandry machine or also to harvest rope-grown species like mussels or seaweed. In operation the machine is closed over the Unit, cleaning or husbandry operations can then commence.

  • Navigational Marking

  • Model SL48 2ft 7.5-13nm - LED Leading Light

    Model SL48 2ft 7.5-13nm - LED Leading Light

    The SL48 is a 2ft 7.5-13nm+ LED leading light available with up to 150 ultra-high intensity LEDs for clear night navigation. The innovative, robust design ensures years of reliable, maintenance free service, with an IP68 waterproof rating & multi-mount points for complete installation flexibility.