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  • Seeds

    We are proud to be the leader Company in the vegetative material for ornamental fresh cut, pot and bedding plants. Nothing but the best!

  • Genesis Seed

    Genesis Seed

    Enhanced seed so predictable you can actually program your plugs. Uniformity is the key for Genesis seed. With germination rates of 90% or higher, You’ll finish with the right number of plugs to fill your production needs. Genesis seed also emerges days ahead of standard seeds- up to 100% faster in an optimum growing environment. This accelerated germination gives the seedlings a growing boost, quickly getting them through the early stage when...

  • Coated seed

    Coated seed

    We improved the covering so you get even better germination and performance. After each seed is carefully de-tailed to leave the seed embryo intact the special coating is applied at a proven one-to-one density. The added weight allows the seed to travel freely through your automatic seeder and drop straight into the cell, without jamming or drifting. Our non graphite coating has a smooth texture for easier handling and less dust to clog your seeder....

  • High Energy seed

    High Energy seed

    This energy-filled seed delivers increased germination and vigor, every time. Ideal for plug production, our High energy seed offers fast, uniform germination; even emergence; and vigorous performance. Plus you’ll see an exceptional 90% or better germination rate for every crop.

  • Cuttings


    Cutting is a vegetative type of propagation and it is used to get identical genotype plants. Our cuttings are produced by world wide re- known propagators that use healthy mother plants selected for the best characteristics.