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  • Trident - Manure Separator

    Trident - Manure Separator

    Trident Manure Separator with Posi-Track is designed specifically for Sand-Laden Manure (SLM). It is a simple and efficient rotating screen separator that operates in any SLM applications Scrape Flush or Flume.  Excellent resistance to abrasion, exceptional flow characteristics and superior solid removal makes the Trident perfect for any manure system application. The automated Clean in Place (CIP) cleaning system reduces screen clogging ensuring...

  • Mortality Composters

    Mortality Composters

    Depending on needs, the composter may produce mature compost according to effective standards or be used as first-phase composting for stabilizing organic material. In this last case, the composter enables optimal aeration of composting material during the critical phase, where the potential for odour generation and oxygen consumption by micro-organisms are important. The second phase, which is mesophilic, is done in a pile or a windrow with or without...