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  • Tropf-Blumat - Fully Automatic Watering System

    Tropf-Blumat - Fully Automatic Watering System

    Tropf-Blumat is a smart system that helps plants to take care of themselves! Watering occurs only when the plants actually need water, which is useful not only during vacations times but throughout the growing period. The self-regulating sensor controls via water pressure a slow dripping and very economical supply of water, without electricity and automatic systems. Customizing for individual plant sizes and changing system conditions is possible at...

  • Surface-Tensio


    Surface-tensiometers are suitable for use as tensiostats for controlling irrigation when used together with a switching sensor. This option comes into consideration for capillary matting with drip irrigation, controlled flow or thin layer cultivation with drip irrigation. In combination with a sensor or manometer, surface-tensiometers, can be used solely for moisture measurement on irrigation or technical fleece, on a substrate surface or in a...

  • Insertion-Tensio small

    Insertion-Tensio small

    Small insertion-tensiometers can be distinguished by the two different sized clay tips: either Model KVO.. with a 10 mm Ø tip for the smallest containers (for pots of ca. 5 cm or more) or the Model KV.. series with a 15 mm Ø for standard pots (KV2) up to midsize containers or shallow rooted bed plantings (KV3). The maximum suction pressure by the smaller models is limited to 200 hPa due to its design and corresponding smaller water...

  • Premium Insertion-Tensio

    Premium Insertion-Tensio

    A unique feature of the newly designed series of premium tensiometers Model LM … is the large volume, robust tube and the sturdy, cylindrical clay tip. In addition to mechanical stability, the series has the advantage of having a longer use time (less maintenance) due to its larger capacity. Premium Insertion Tensiometers are suitable, in combination with a manometer or electronic sensor, for soil measurement in all desired depths of more than...

  • Premium Insertion-Tensio with Exchangeable Clay Tip

    Premium Insertion-Tensio with Exchangeable Clay Tip

    Unlike the Model LM, the premium Insertion-Tensio Model LW has an exchangeable clay tip, which has a screw-neck on top for screwing into an axial o-ring gasket. This makes for a reliable seal, however, special care must be taken to only turn the tensiometer to the right when inserting or removing it from the soil. The advantage of the exchangeable clay tip is its easy replacement in case of damage, and also the possibility of varying the insertion...

  • Insertion-Tensio Blumat

    Insertion-Tensio Blumat

    The insertion-tensiometer „Blumat“ Model BL is designed to be a reasonably priced, light weight sensor, planned for use together with a digital manometer. The design is based on a slim 18 mm tube and uses a conical clay tip from the Blumat series of the corresponding size (not extra type tested). In contrast to the original “Blumat Digital” Model BD 1, the Insertion-Tensio Blumat is designed for professional use with a...