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  • Fleming - Arena Conditioner

    Fleming - Arena Conditioner

    The Fleming Horse riding Arena Conditioner will loosen and level the most crusted horse paddocks and riding arenas in one pass to leave a firm level surface with an even depth. The Arena conditioner is fitted on to the three point linkage and drawn on pneumatic wheels with the depth of the arena harrow set by the top link of the tractor. At 2m wide the Fleming Sandman is a quick and easy way to level your equestrian riding arena, controlling the depth...

Products by KRONE UK Ltd

  • Mower Conditioner

  • Model BiG M 420 - Conditioner Mower

    Model BiG M 420 - Conditioner Mower

    Powerful monster tackles every job: KRONE proudly presents BiG M 420 – a versatile specialist that takes care of all your mowing applications. BiG M 420 is the machine that gears you up for every task. Just look at its high-output CV conditioner or CRi roller conditioner or take the spreading or swath merging options. Cutting at an enormous work width of up to 9.7 metres (31'10') and offering tremendous power reserves while distributing the...

  • Disc Mowers

  • Model AM-S / AM-CV - Rear Mounted Disc Mowers

    Model AM-S / AM-CV - Rear Mounted Disc Mowers

    The KRONE range of rear-mounted disc mowers offers working widths from 2 to 3.2 metres (6' 7'' to 10' 6''). The 2.4m (7' 11'') model features the legendary V-steel tine conditioner. The 2.4m (7' 11'') mower conditioner models boast the new wide-distributing hood, which allows you to cut wide whenever this is possible, such as in dry weather, and narrow in wet weather conditions or when using the mower for harvesting forage on a daily basis.

  • Rotary Tedders

  • Model KW  - Mounted Rotary Tedders

    Model KW - Mounted Rotary Tedders

    KW 4.62/4, KW 5.52/4x7, KW 6.02/6, KW 6.72/6 and KW 7.82/6x7: working at 4.60 m to 7.80 m (15'1' to 25'7') widths with rotors in various diameters. Central border spreading facility manual or hydraulic control (option). Convenient operation via a single-acting spool

  • Rotary Rakes

  • Single Rotor Rakes

    Single Rotor Rakes

    Trailed single-rotor rakes: KRONE added the Swadro 38 T, 42 T and 46T models to its range of rakes to meet farmer demands at home and abroad. The demand is for a trailed and well-proven single-rotor rake that offers the well-proven Swadro technology. The tandem axle on these models serves also as transport running gear on public roads.

  • Transport Technology

  • Model AX - Forage and Discharge Wagon

    Model AX - Forage and Discharge Wagon

    More output from less horsepower - Buying a KRONE AX forage wagon means buying into experience and expertise. Innovations such as the camless EasyFlow pick-up, the massive cut-and-feed rotor, the knife bank that swings out to the side, and the chain-and-slat floor that slopes at the front combine to implement higher throughputs, lower input power, more operator comfort and less wear and maintenance.

  • Round Balers

  • Ultima - Non Stop Baler Wrapper

    Ultima - Non Stop Baler Wrapper

    In tune The TIM Tractor Implement Management system controls the tractor’s ground speed as it monitors the current load on the baler to prevent ‘overfeeding’. There is plenty of time for the bale to perform as many rotations in the chamber as necessary to achieve the required density. Perfect cuts The camless pick-up and the 750 mm (2'6') diameter rotor cutter with extra wide plates on the feed tines form a highly powerful team. The...

  • Forage Harvesters

  • Model BiG X 480 - 530 - 580 - 630 - Forage Harvester

    Model BiG X 480 - 530 - 580 - 630 - Forage Harvester

    Constant engine outputs from 490 to 626 hp. 6 intake rollers for extra safety and a top quality chop. Universal MaxFlow cutterheads: 20, 28 or 36 knives. Biogas cutterhead: 40 knives. KRONE VariStream: Spring-loaded floors for a continuous crop flow. KRONE VariQuick: engage and disengage the corn conditioner in an instant. KRONE StreamControl: optionally adjustable crop throw. 4WD option with 40 km/h wheel motors. Independent wheel suspension on rear...