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  • Garden Machinery

  • Garden Tractors

    Garden Tractors

    At Bartram Mowers we specialise in offering the largest selection of ride-on lawn mowers and garden tractors within the Norfolk and Suffolk area. Our showrooms in both Ipswich and Norwich are brim-full with a vast range of ride-on garden equipment to suit all manner of lawn and garden requirements, from small machines to suit urban and suburban mowing needs to the largest front deck mowers capable of maintaining parklands and meadows. Be sure to make...

  • Pedestrian Mower

    Pedestrian Mower

    We offer a vast range of pedestrian and walk behind lawn mowers from some of the best brands in the industry, including Honda, Hayter, Husqvarna, Sanli, Efco and Allett. All machines are available to view at our extensive showrooms in both the Norwich and Ipswich depots, offering what we believe to be the largest range of garden equipment on show in all of Norfolk and Suffolk. The range of machinery on display includes the latest cylinder mowers from...

  • Utility Tractors

  • Compact Tractors

    Compact Tractors

    The humble compact tractor is the cornerstone of thousands of small businesses across the country, from market gardens and smallholdings to amenity maintenance contractors and landscaping professionals; they all appreciate the durability and flexibility of the jack-of-all-trades of the ground care world. The success of the compact tractor is surely down to its ability to adapt to virtually any task with one machine, whether it is clearing snow from a...

  • Mowing Tractors

    Mowing Tractors

    Where would our sports fields, parks, community areas, public spaces and private estates be without the ubiquitous tractor mower, an essential piece of grounds maintenance equipment that every landscaper and utilities contractor depends upon to keep green spaces looking their best throughout the growing season. We’ve been selling commercial-duty mowing tractors across Norfolk and Suffolk for as long as we can remember and acquired a considerable...

  • Rotary Mowers

  • Golf Course Rotary Mowers

    Golf Course Rotary Mowers

    Your golf course is your business; at Bartram Mowers we understand this better than any other golf machinery dealership in East Anglia. For this reason we are not interested in supplying inferior quality equipment to our customers, rather, we install only the very best products available from a company with nearly a century of manufacturing experience to their name, Jacobsen. Our confidence in the Jacobsen brand is repaid by the company themselves; we...

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  • Model ETm44 - Robotics Mower

    Model ETm44 - Robotics Mower

    The Etesia ETm44, for all lawns. The Etesia ETm44 is the model in our range of robot mowers that is dedicated for private use. Despite its smaller size and mowing capacity, the ETm44 offers the same reliability, quality of manufacture, safety and programming possibilities as the larger models in the range. The Etesia ETm44 is perfect for anyone who wants to stop having to mow small and medium-sized areas of grass.