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  • Parts Inventory Software

    Parts Inventory Software

    One of the keys to success in any dealership involves managing your parts inventory. Be empowered in your dealership with the management solution you need for parts, orders and results you need to make daily decisions.

  • Point-of-Sale Invoicing Module

    Point-of-Sale Invoicing Module

    The Point-of-Sale Invoicing module goes beyond the basics of just selling parts. Integrate with the inventory modules for availability. Review previous customer purchases to ensure you are selling them the correct item. Simplify the sales process bringing accuracy and speed at the counter with the use of a bar code scanner.

  • Advanced Reporting & Data Mining Tool

    Advanced Reporting & Data Mining Tool

    This tool provides numerous advantages including a “dashboard,” real-time graphical reporting of each department, real-time graphical or numeric financial data to allow the employees to more easily achieve sales and operational goals and clean graphs/charts making it easy for all users to understand.

  • Fixed Assets Module

    Fixed Assets Module

    The Fixed Assets module allows you to calculate monthly depreciation on qualifying assets based on purchase amount, salvage value, estimated life, and investment credits.