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  • Pigs

  • Plastic Silos

    Plastic Silos

    They are made of modern glass-fibre reinforced materials in combination with a steel, zinc-dipping supporting structure. They are made, being conformable with world’s trend and knowledge of stocking of feeding ingredients, cereals and other materials. Glass fibre has a very good thermal insulating characteristic, which is why condensation of water vapour and sticking of the content on wall is eliminated. Silos are delivered with following...

  • Inlet Hopper

    Inlet Hopper

    The BAUER Inlet hopper is very simple; it can be placed in or out of the stable, on the floor or under the silo. It can be supplied with or without a drive motor and has a sight-glass. Features a security trap to prevent system damage of foreign particles. At request we offer stone catchers too.

  • Model MEW and AP - Tube Feeder

    Model MEW and AP - Tube Feeder

    This is an improved type of feeding automat with the plastic reservoir in top part. An easy construction has more possibilities of a dosage setting. Low price and ease of cleaning.

  • Poultry

  • Technologies for Poultry

    Technologies for Poultry

    The requirements for poultry farms and creating optimal conditions have fundamentally changed in the past couple of years. Without new technologies and modern approaches you cannot guarantee the high efficiency of farms. Therefore, the company BAUER TECHNICS uses the latest scientific knowledge and farmers experience from around the world. Modern farm poultry breeding is a complex of top technologies. In order to function as a balanced unit, it is...