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  • Strawberry Sprayers

    Strawberry Sprayers

    The above strawberry sprayer was developed for a table top growing system, and is capable of spraying six rows (one tunnel, 8 meters) with air assistance to increase foliage cover. The sprayer has front folding booms for easier turning on tight headlands. The fan and the pump are both located at the front of the machine, making it a compact machine to operate. It also has a break back system in order to prevent causing any damage to the booms. Large...

  • Vineyard Sprayer

    Vineyard Sprayer

    Based on a Berthoud Superair sprayer, this machine is ideal for covering leaf foliage crops by applying the chemical into the air induction. Covering two and half rows at once this machine greatly increases the output whilst giving extremely good crop coverage. The same machine is also suitable for spraying hops or other dense foliage.