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  • Hose Reels

  • Model 1408 - Hose Reels

    Model 1408 - Hose Reels

    Holds 1.75 Miles Of 6” Hose, Holds 1 Mile Of 8” Hose, Heavy Duty Double USA Roller Chain & Bearing, Hydraulic Drive, Hydraulic Level Wind, Drag Brake Tensioner, Street Legal (8’5” X 12’), Manual Dog Clutch, Electric Brakes—7 Prong Plug In, New 12/16.5 Lt 14 Ply Tires On 8 Bolt Hubs, Reel Weighs 6,500 Lbs, Maximum Axle Capacity Is 20,000 Lbs

  • Couplers


    Simple, low maintenance clamping mechanism. Rugged drag coupling is designed for use on rough terrain. Field-proven results for over 15 years in the agricultural industry. Internal connecting tube prevents gasket from pulling away. Gasket design takes advantage of fluid pressure to help create aid in the seal. Relatively inexpensive to replace if damaged. Great connection strength than standard Victaulic fittings. Truly re-attachable fitting allows...