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BB Hobbs Inc

BB Hobbs Inc

We at BB Hobbs are experts in automated drip irrigation and fertigation systems for commercial farms. Our drip systems combined with liquid fertilizer programs dramatically improve crop yield and quality. Additionally our expertise gathered over 26 years in agriculture has allowed us to become leaders in using automated drip irrigation systems as an alternative onsite wastewater disposal solution for residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal wastewater problems. BB Hobbs serves the Southeast with salesmen covering Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Tennessee.

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PO Box 1147 , Darlington , South Carolina 29540 USA
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BB Hobbs, Inc. is a leader in the  irrigation, waste water, and fertigation industries. The company specializes in large automated irrigation systems with a major emphasis on drip irrigation, solid set irrigation. We utilize automated drip irrigation and solid set irrigation and fertigation systems to

  • allow vegetable, fruit, and nursery growers to grow the highest quality products in terms of overall yield and quality. We combine effective irrigation systems with water management advice and fertigation techniques that typically double yields and enhance quality.
  • allow engineers and developers to solve waste water disposal problems with on-site land application systems utilizing modern pretreatment and drip, solid set, and pivot irrigation.            
    • Our drip systems allow for on-site disposal of waste on tight, shallow, and other problem soils that previously could not be developed without municipal sewer access.      
    • Land application allows for disposal on-site, utilization of waste-water to produce a forest, turf-grass or other crop, and reduces the levels of water treatment when compared to other disposal methods

Through our affiliate liquid fertilizer manufacturing company Liberty Acres Fertilizer, our staff agronomists can assist growers in converting traditional fertilizing practices to a fertigation program that improves yield and quality while reducing overall fertilizer application levels and phosphorus. Our clear liquid fertilizers are 'drip irrigation grade' and utilize only the finest raw materials. We also represent amendment, dry fertilizer, and foliar fertilizer manufacturers in order to provide a complete program for your crops.

Utilize engineering and biological sciences to help our customers produce:

a) Increased amounts of fruits, vegetables, and fiber to feed and clothe an increasing population on a decreasing amount of farm land.

b) More and higher quality plant materials to beautify and improve the quality of life as urban development utilizes more and more of our land.

c) Environmentally sound, innovative waste treatment and land application recycling methods to preserve our waters, protect our health, and better utilize our land resources as our population continues to expand.