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  • Grain Storage Systems

  • BBCA - Flat Bottom Silo

    BBCA - Flat Bottom Silo

    Flat Bottom Silos deliver diversity by involving easy assembly resulting in minimal installation costs and highly efficient low cost storage.  BBCA Storex offers a capacity range of 25 - 20.000 tones with diameter from 4,56m. To 31,95m. Manufactured with galvanized steel SD350GD of high elastic tolerance and with Z450 minimum coating equivalent to 450gr/m2 of zinc. BBCA Storex side discharge system allows gravity load out to trucks or rail cars....

  • BBCA - Commercial Hopper Silos

    BBCA - Commercial Hopper Silos

    Hopper Silos are typically used in applications where routine and fast clean out is required or just to reduce the energy and labor cost of material handling.

  • Grain Handling Equipments

  • BBCA - Sweep Auger

    BBCA - Sweep Auger

    BBCA Storex sweep augers, allow transmission of granular products, which cannot discharged with natural flow, such as wheat, corn, sunflower, rape etc. to the center flowing point in flat bottom silo's easily and quickly.

  • BBCA Storex - Bucket Elevator

    BBCA Storex - Bucket Elevator

    BBCA Storex's Bucket Elevators ensure upward transport of grain in undamaged and economic way at desired capacity. Its drive unit is at its head section and rocker unit is at its foot section. The standard construction is made of galvanized steel, painted steel and stainless steel on request. The transport is being ensured by means of a plastic or metallic bucket fastened at certain spaces on the high-quality, target-oriented rubber conveyor belt...

  • BBCA - Inclined Chain Conveyor

    BBCA - Inclined Chain Conveyor

    BBCA Storex, inclined chain conveyors, ensure transport of cereal and similar products easily in desired volume, undamagened and economic ways according to customer’s desired angle and slope. High-quality support chain is used. The plastic palettes on the support chain prevent steel to steel friction and ensure maximum performance. It is economic, does not involve much maintenance. Inclined chain conveyor works under heavy duty conditions and...