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  • Cone & Seed Handling

  • Cleaner & Seed Sizer (2 & 4 Screens)

    Cleaner & Seed Sizer (2 & 4 Screens)

    The BCC Cleaner and Seed Sizer (2- or 4 screen) consists of either two or four screens, fitted with a belt feeder (with aspiration function), which allows for pre-cleaning (scalping) of smaller cones, extraction of light impurities, removal of debris both larger and smaller than the seed lot and dividing the seed lot into different sized fractions. This larger model Cleaner and Seed Sizer is versatile and used in larger seed processing centers for...

  • Gravity Separator

    Gravity Separator

    After cleaning and sizing of the seed lot, empty and partially developed seed is separated from fully developed seed. Final cleaning is also done in this process, removing light impurities and dust from the seed lot. This larger model Gravity Separator can be combined into a set, which can consist of up to four units. This configuration is often used in large seed processing plants where high volume separation operations are required.

  • Growing Systems

  • Nursery Production Systems

  • Batch Mixer

    Batch Mixer

    Growing substrate in containerised nurseries supplies water, oxygen, mineral nutrients and physical support to the plants.  To achieve the characteristics of an ideal substrate for containerised plant production, organic and inorganic components are generally mixed together. Organic components include peat moss and composted organic materials e.g. bark, saw dust, rice husk, coconut husk and sugar cane bagasse. Inorganic components include...