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  • Grain Conveying & Elevating

  • Augers


    Tubular screw conveyors from 100 to 600mm diameter. Mobile high lift augers. Galvanised casing. Flexible centreless augers. 'U' trough screw conveyors from 102 to 600mm diameter.

  • Grain Storage

  • Round Silos

    Round Silos

    4 meters to 27 meters diameter. 18 cu.m to 18162 cu.m. Shallow Corrugation 600gm/m2 galvanized wall sheets. Full range of catwalks and ladders available. Lateral or plank floor aeration systems. Full range of combination sweeps and unloading augers. Aeration systems to suit. Free Planning and Product Advisory Service available.

  • Grain Drying

  • Svegma Continuous Flow

    Svegma Continuous Flow

    Capacities from 5.0 to over 100 tonnes per hour. Fully galvanised construction.  Oil or gas fired - also indirect fired heaters. Suitable for all cereals, oil seeds, pulses, ideal for malting barley and seed as smooth internal grain column. Also suitable for rice, maize and coffee, and other granular material. Varying width and heights to suit all installations. Suitable for internal and outdoor installation, coloured cladding available.

Products by AB AKRON-maskiner

  • Grain Handling-Grain Driers

  • Akron  - Model Type A and AN - Batchdrier

    Akron - Model Type A and AN - Batchdrier

    Akron batchdrier type A is provided with air shutters on the bottomsection and all the middlesections.The drier can therefore be used on any optional batch size.The drier is delivered with right or left emptying. Wetaircanal is standard equipment. The Akron batchdrier type A can be provided with automatics for watercontents controlling.

  • Svegma  - Batchdriers

    Svegma - Batchdriers

    Since the first SVEGMA driers were made during the early sixties, they've had a well deserved reputation. The reasons to this are many - easy and quick assembly, simpel cleaning, minimal amount of maintenance, even downdrying, good heating economy, long lifecycle - these are reasons which lead to good profits and security for the farmer. While the Svegma driers are made up by small modules, it is possible to offer a large amount of sizes and...

  • Grain Handling-Indirect Heaters

  • Akron  - Model Serie 610 - Hot Air Furnace

    Akron - Model Serie 610 - Hot Air Furnace

    The Akron hot-air furnaces type 612 has a low sound level and is suitable for e.g. premisis heating and supply heating of cool air drier. Type 615M is fitted with a fan which gives a higher pressure and is therefore adequate for direct connection with graindriers without their own fan.The Akron hotair oil furnaces are tested and approved by the Swedish governmental testing and research institute. The furnaces are fitted with an overheating...

  • furnace  - Model Serie 710 - Hot Air Heaters

    furnace - Model Serie 710 - Hot Air Heaters

    The Akron hotair furnaces in the 710 serie are specially designed to combine large capacity, high effeiciency and flexibility. The furnaces have a spacious burning chamber in anti corrosive steel which leads to a long life cycle. Low gas smoke temperature, internal radiation mirrors plus insulated gabel and top adds to high effeciency. A strong roof protects in case of outdoor usage.The Akron hotair oil furnaces are tested and...

  • furnace  - Model Serie 1200 - Hot Air Heaters

    furnace - Model Serie 1200 - Hot Air Heaters

    The Akron hot air furnaces combines pioneer construction, high effeciency and compact design. The furnace has a burning chamber made out of 3mm stainless steel and heat exchanger made out of tube pipes for effective heat exchange. Large hatches make the burning chamber and the heat exchanger available and easy to service.