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  • Grain Conveying & Elevating

  • Augers


    Tubular screw conveyors from 100 to 600mm diameter. Mobile high lift augers. Galvanised casing. Flexible centreless augers. 'U' trough screw conveyors from 102 to 600mm diameter.

  • Grain Storage

  • Round Silos

    Round Silos

    4 meters to 27 meters diameter. 18 cu.m to 18162 cu.m. Shallow Corrugation 600gm/m2 galvanized wall sheets. Full range of catwalks and ladders available. Lateral or plank floor aeration systems. Full range of combination sweeps and unloading augers. Aeration systems to suit. Free Planning and Product Advisory Service available.

  • Grain Drying

  • Svegma Continuous Flow

    Svegma Continuous Flow

    Capacities from 5.0 to over 100 tonnes per hour. Fully galvanised construction.  Oil or gas fired - also indirect fired heaters. Suitable for all cereals, oil seeds, pulses, ideal for malting barley and seed as smooth internal grain column. Also suitable for rice, maize and coffee, and other granular material. Varying width and heights to suit all installations. Suitable for internal and outdoor installation, coloured cladding available.