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  • Gypsophila Million Stars

    Gypsophila Million Stars

    Million Stars – The world leading Gypsophila variety Its tremendous popularity is not surprising. Stems are stable yet flexible and branch into a wide canopy making it the ultimate filler. The multitude of small white flowers are concentrated at the top of the stem, ideal for bouquets. The stems are extremely easy to work with, convenient to separate from each other and easy to handle when making arrangements. Available from growers around the...

  • Solidago Golden Glory

    Solidago Golden Glory

    Golden Glory presents a new and refreshing look at Solidago by featuring strong gold colors combined with very premium features of weight , dark green foliage and exclusive appearance.i Golden Glory has been tested around the world for vase life and market response – in both categories reactions are more than positive. We hope you too will enjoy the Big Change In Solidago.