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  • Storage

  • Model SLG - Monolithic Silos

    Model SLG - Monolithic Silos

    The Monolithic silos mod. SLG made by BECCARIA are the result of the company's point of view which considers each ensiled product as a property to keep in its original conditions preventing it from being damaged in the long run. These silos, made of stainless steel or alluminium alloy, are the result of a very high technological standard both from a planning and manufacturing point of view, thanks to a sixty years' experience acquired on the spot.

  • Galvanized Steel Silos

    Galvanized Steel Silos

    The storage bins for cereals in BECCARIA galvanized and corrugated sheet are the results of years of experience in the agro-industrial mechanical field and of a high quality standard that makes use of the most modern designing and manufacturing technologies: all finalized to the tooling and storage plants manufacturing, the cereals preservation and working.

  • Food, Milling and Feed Industries / Milling

  • Model RM - Hammermills

    Model RM - Hammermills

    The hammer mill mod. RM with interaxal suction is the rightest instrument in zootechnical farms for production of cereals or by-products flours. The particular design and building make it very easy to use and long-lasting (even thanks to the simple interchangeability of the wearing parts): these features also allow to obtain very fine, uniform and absolutely not hot flours.

  • Model GL-2 - Hammermills

    Model GL-2 - Hammermills

    High Pressure (only mod. 24/GL-2) or LOW PRESSURE working. Magnets for ferrous pieces holding. Milling unit made of high thickness carbon steel. Bi-directional working to allow only one rotation of hammers beating surface. No. 24/48/64 long-wearing hammers made of hardened carbon steel and useable on their four surfaces. Screens fast replacement device. Electrical motor 2900 RPM. Base-plate made of strong section bars.

  • Model BT and BTP - Vertical Mixer

    Model BT and BTP - Vertical Mixer

    The vertical mixer Mod. BT is particularly suitable for mixing different products in zootechnical field, also with different ispecific weights. Made with very hard materials and achivied with an inside screw with large diameter mounted on bearings, it is able to mix in a very short time with an high production per hour. The loading hopper is out of ground.