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  • Liftmaster


    Calf growers can breathe easy with Liftmaster. Because of its conveyor delivery system, less dust makes its way into growing lungs which is important for calve’s health. With an adjustable hydraulic spout, it’s easy to match the height of your hutch or stall. Just load, raise, chop and bed and get the job done quickly. If your needs are feeding, the Liftmaster can also be customized for hay. Whatever your requirement, Liftmaster can do the...

  • Strawblaster


    In 1987 we defied gravity with the Strawblaster machine. Using cross-cut blades designed specifically for straw and a high volume fan, straw is pushed, shreaded and blasted into a large spout that can bed up to 50 feet away. It’s a breeze to direct the stream, using in-tractor controls that rotate and swing the spout from outside the corral. A definite plus for those cold winter days, Strawblaster reduces labor and material costs up to 75%.

  • Original Bedmaster

    Original Bedmaster

    In the winter of 1981, a farmer in Idaho had grown tired of the labor required to bed corrals in freezing snow and decided to do something about it. He set to work in his welding shop designing and producing The Original Bedmaster® model that continues to run even today. Built tough to last, the Bedmaster is available in a variety of sizes and comes with the service of the man who built it. Decades of testing and improvements have gone into...