BEDNAR FMT is s progressive manufacturer of agricultural machinery with specialization on production of machines for tillage, seeding, fertilising and slashing. Due to the close close and strong relationship with farmers BEDNAR FMT ranks among the most innovative manufacturers developing and producing machines with high value added costs to the farmers. Company BEDNAR FMT s.r.o. has been founded in 1997 by Msc. Ladislav Bednář. The company is currently employing 250 people and exports its products to 25 countries around the Europe, Asia, Australia, North America and Africa.

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Lohenická 607, , Prague 9 , Vinoř 190 17 Czech Republic

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Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
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Globally (various continents)


The company STROM export s.r.o was founded in 1997 as part of the STROM Centre business group, one of the largest suppliers of agricultural machinery in Central Europe. The general concept was to develop state of the art Czech agricultural machinery that meets the actual needs of farmers at home and abroad. This has acted as our driving force ever since, as your needs fuel our motivation. As farmers’ requirements are continually evolving, we in turn strive to continually satisfy them.

Manufacturing Program
    Our manufacturing program includes three basic product types (machines for soil tillage, mulching and transportation equipment) which have an ever expanding portfolio as we continually search for new technological advances that benefit the user. Since 1997 some of our machines have become known as some of the best in their range. The inspiration for the development of the machines can be traced back to the genuine needs of a farmer and created specifically for the needs of agricultural enterprises which also actively participate in the machine’s development.

The main objective is to meet a farmers needs
    Since the days of its inception the manufacturing plant has played a progressive role in the field of agriculture aiming to conceive, produce and distribute high quality products based on the most demanding requirements of farmers and the agricultural industry. The design and primary intention for the machines is agronomic methodology by helping agricultural entities minimize investing costs whilst increasing production and eco-friendliness.

  • Design and engineering – all of the concepts reflected within our machinery are the result of cooperative discussions between Strom and the farming community, who through STROM are given the opportunity to implement their own ideas and thoughts as well as the custom design of their own machine.
  • Manufacturing – custom manufactured machinery is made from the top grade materials which is then worked with modern machinery before the final surface treatment of the machines (painting, dipped in zinc coating) a prerequisite for the machines long lifespan.
  • Distribution - the machines are distributed through commercial partners with a strong service background as well as direct customer contact with the manufacturer.