Behlen Country is the largest division of Behlen Mfg. Co., headquartered in Columbus, NE which is an employee-owned company providing quality steel products worldwide. At Behlen our primary goal is to provide you value added customer satisfaction. We achieve that through superior products, quick delivery and the broadest range of products from any farm and ranch equipment manufacturer. Behlen Country strives for excellence through active teamwork in top management, business units and gain sharing teams throughout our organization. We believe success in the future requires an organization that creates a continuous learning environment with highly involved employees that share in the company`s progress.

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P.O. Box 569 , Columbus , Nebraska 68602-0569 USA

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Agriculture - Livestock
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Globally (various continents)

At Behlen Country we understand the need for change, and pride ourselves on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. To meet these goals we recognize the value of employees and they are Partners in Progress and automatically share in our financial improvement.

Behlen Country has been formed by uniting Big Valley, Horseman's Choice, Farmaster and Magnum Kennels. In July of 2010 we added Hawkline 3 point implements to our product family, making Behlen Country the most comprehensive manufacturer of farm and ranch equipment in the United States and Canada.


History Behlen was founded in Columbus, Nebraska by Walter D. Behlen in 1936. Walter was quick to conceptualize a new product opportunity in the marketplace by recognizing a problem and visualizing a solution. It was this ability to 'visualize' and take action that brought about the founding of Behlen Mfg. Co.

A garage behind Walt Behlen's home served as the first Behlen factory. It was there he developed his first products, steel toecaps for industrial shoes and unique lid clamps for wooden egg crates.

Joined in the venture by his father, Fred, and brothers, Gib and Mike, the emerging Behlen company quickly gained a reputation for innovative, quality farm products.

In 1950, Behlen entered the building market with a self-framing building system. It became popular in wide-span recreational, commercial and industrial applications.

Behlen was acquired by the Wickes Corporation in 1969. A management buyout in 1984 returned Behlen to local ownership, which remains in place today.

Behlen has established a strong presence in agricultural markets as a leader in cattle equipment, grain storage, drying and handling systems, as well as, becoming a well established building systems manufacturer.


Behlen Country believes that teamwork and change makes customers and employees better off. That's why the core values of the company put people first and we recognize the need to strive for a continuous learning organization. Four interrelated points sum up the Behlen values.

People. Behlen is a company committed to involvement and sharing with its Partners in Progress (all employees), placing a high priority on teamwork, safety and continuous improvement.

Quality. Behlen strives for 'value added' to all the products and services it provides. We know that 'a total quality commitment' is the key to sustaining business relationships with our customers.  We are the only major farm and ranch equipment manufacturer who is ISO certified.

Productivity. At Behlen, productivity is seen by Partners in Progress as a key to job stability ...understanding that their involvement is the key to customer satisfaction.

Trust & Respect. This is the foundation for everything we do...not only internally with employee relations, but with suppliers and customers. It's the only way to grow.  We've thrown away the time clocks and share in our company's profits.