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  • QT-2012 Faraday’s Cage

    QT-2012 Faraday’s Cage

    Application: Utilize Faraday electromagnetic shielding theory to weaken and eliminate electromagnetic interference occurred in high-precision electronic instruments, thus to improve measurement accuracy. Head board can turn to the roof for convenient operation, with ground connection port.

  • QT-2012 Portable Leaf Area Meter

    QT-2012 Portable Leaf Area Meter

    Application: Using for rapid measurement of exsomatize and growing leaves that most commonly, acquire leaves’ data such as area, length, width etc. Apply to research and education of plants’ physiology and ecological, as well as the cultivation and breeding of crops, forest, flowers, orchard and vegetables. Applied in university laboratories and agriculture investigate department.

  • QT-CY02 Aquatic weed sampler

    QT-CY02 Aquatic weed sampler

    Application: Aquatic weed sampler, also called as aquatic weed clip, is a sampling tool for the field submerged plants and floating plants.

  • QT-DFA Prostrate Instrument (portable)

    QT-DFA Prostrate Instrument (portable)

    Application: This instrument is to measure the bearing capacity of the plants’ stalk when suffer from the wind blow. Only push the instrument to the stalk, can know its bearing capacity.

  • QT-DFB01 Prostrate Instrument (desk type)

    QT-DFB01 Prostrate Instrument (desk type)

    Application: For a long time, the lodging of crop such as corn, broomcorn, tobacco, result in illumination insufficient and restrict the production amount seriously. Meanwhile, it cause great difficulties to machine harvest, and lots of grains wasted. This instrument is using to measure how much the stem of the plant endures against the wind of storm. It also suit for genetic breeding.

  • QT-GQ03 Original Root Sampler

    QT-GQ03 Original Root Sampler

    Studying the roots can give us a better understanding about the growth of trees and plants root system (including the depth and the density of the root system). Generally plants in the soil should have a broad dense root system, which allows plants to make fuller use of soil. If the nutrition and water are sufficient, then the more widely root distributes, the more fully it absorbs.

  • QT-RWC Root Washer System

    QT-RWC Root Washer System

    Application: The system is based on the design of the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization. Root washing is a necessary step before all root analysis. The traditional manual root-washing cost a lot of time, and is very easy to damage the root. Our QT-RWC automatically root washer system can keep the integrity of the root hairs very well.



    Application: QT-SM01 consisting of a soil moisture sensor and a portable data logger is researched and developed independently by ourselves. It is widely used in soil moisture monitoring, water-saving irrigation, greenhouse control, and precision agriculture and so on. Departments such as agriculture, forestry, environmental protection, water conservancy, meteorology use them monitoring the soil moisture by testing the liquidity of various soil...

  • QT-Y/H Automatically collection for trunk steam flow

    QT-Y/H Automatically collection for trunk steam flow

    Application: Trunk runoff is one of the subjects in the study of the water balance of the forest ecosystem. China's forestry-industrial standard LYT 1606-2003 ' Forest ecosystem spotting index system ' clearly pointed out that part of the raindrops landing in the forest, were transferred from the leaves to the branches, then from the branches to the trunk and finally to the woodland ground. This process is called trunk runoff. QT - series stem flow...