Beinlich Agrarpumpen und -maschinen GmbH

Beinlich Agrarpumpen und -maschinen GmbH

Beinlich Agrarpumpen und -maschinen GmbH

The family-run company Beinlich produce high-quality, premium drum irrigation machinery for agricultural businesses worldwide, who aim to consistently increase their crops with the help of our mobile irrigation technology. Expert personnel with excellent qualifications and specializations as well as a collegial and friendly working atmosphere are the basis for top performance and perfect customer services.

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Eifel Maar Park 16 , Ulmen , Rhineland-Palatinate 56766 Germany
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Many years of collaboration with leading component suppliers guarantee ongoing material supply at the highest stage and access to the latest industrial developments. The overall product line includes a latest-generation jet trolley and Linear irrigation booms, galvanised quick-coupling pipes or PVC earth pipes and a comprehensive range of motor pumps for completion of the most varied designs of irrigation systems.

Features exclusive to Beinlich:
The PE-pipe can be pulled out or laid down. Go through with the machine during 'tube lay down' safes energy and protects the PE-pipe. This is a noticeable advantage particularly for pipe lengths >500 m! The dual-axle chassis with track widths of 1.50 m –1.80 m or 1.80 m –2.25 m can be adjusted to suit both the tractor design and the planting situation. The 'Quattro' concept is the simplest one-man + one-tractor operation principle. Our irrigation boom range - matches all machine models on the market.