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  • Pneumatic Braking Systems for Agricultural Vehicles

    Pneumatic Braking Systems for Agricultural Vehicles

    With the evolution in the power output of tractors and the weight of the loads carried on trailers, future regulations will go in the direction of fitting road trains with braking systems that will probably have to be pneumatic.The difficult point is the harmonisation of the road train brakes. One problem that is frequently met is the delay between the braking response times of the tractor and the trailer(s). A greasy surface requires great dexterity,...

  • BEKA - Snow Chains

    BEKA - Snow Chains

    Because a snow-covered section of road cannot be the cause of lost time, BEKA has invented and manufactured a fully automatic snow chain system. As you approach a difficult section, a simple push of a button on the dashboard is sufficient to send the chains into action. Everything happens automatically, with no need to stop or get out of the vehicle. The system provides sufficient additional adhesion to continue the journey in total safety. Once the...

  • BEKA - Model Standard 71/320/CEE - Trailer

    BEKA - Model Standard 71/320/CEE - Trailer

    BEKA offers you a complete service, from diagnostics to the conception of a braking system. Since 1995 and the introduction of European standard 71/320/CEE, homologating a trailer has required the creation of specific technical documentation for the braking system.