BENEO offers a range of nutrients with health and technical benefits derived from the natural sources chicory roots, sugar beet, rice and wheat. By “connecting nutrition and health”, the company supports food and feed manufacturers to produce healthy and more balanced products. BENEO nutrients offer food manufacturers routes to develop great-tasting products that are nutritionally optimized with less or no sugar or fat, fibre-enriched or gluten- as well as dairy-free and more. BENEO takes it even further: energy management, digestive, bone and dental health are concepts where BENEO’s ingredients can play a decisive role. In addition, they improve the taste and texture of food and beverages. BENEO specializes in supplying manufacturers with functional ingredients of non-animal origin that bring forth innovative creations.

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Maximilianstrasse 10 , Mannheim , 68165 Germany

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Agriculture - Livestock
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Caring for better nutrition worldwide
Our business is about contributing to good nutrition, with the ultimate goal of keeping people and animals healthy. We are fully aware of the responsibility this encompasses and use all our expertise to ensure that our products and services enable you to develop even better human and animal nutrition.

Alongside our expertise, our global organisational structure allows us to comprehensively support our customers – wherever they are located in the world.

A global organisational structure
BENEO is part of the Südzucker Group – one of the leading food producers in Europe. Our organisation was formed in 2007 by the companies Orafti, Palatinit and Remy and is currently represented in more than 75 countries around the world. 900 employees in six offices and five production sites, which are located in Belgium, Germany, Italy and Chile ensure that you can always rely on the consistently high quality of our food ingredients and services.

Our affiliation with the Südzucker Group enables us to complement our extensive customer support in terms of nutritional or technological research and development.

BENEO at a glance

  • Formed in 2007
  • 900 employees
  • Active in more than 75 countries
  • 6 offices
  • 5 production sites
  • Part of the global Südzucker Group

According to demographic developments, the food and feed industry will have to double their production, while taking care of sustainability – i.e. the ecological, social and economic impact. BENEO actively approaches these challenges by constantly improving sustainability along the entire value chain.

Not only do we make sure that our natural sources are farmed in a sustainable manner, we also optimise our production processes continuously. With investments in forward-looking technologies, foresighted planning of production sites and careful maintenance, BENEO has managed to continuously improve energy efficiency, for example.

We constantly invest in sustainable solutions, like energy recovery from biomass. Hence we can meet the needs of today while keeping in mind tomorrow’s generations.