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  • Animal Nutrition

    With specialty ingredients such as prebiotic fibres, digestible carbohydrates and vegetable proteins, BENEO enables animal nutrition products that meet the various expectations of animal and animal keepers. Our products from natural sources help to improve the well-being of animals. This way, they also contribute to consumer safety, for instance, by reducing the use of 'in feed' antibiotics with livestock.

  • Prebiotic Fibres

    Prebiotic Fibres

    Intestinal health and a healthy gut flora are key to optimal nutrient absorption thus ensuring stable growth and wellbeing of animals. With inulin and oligofructose BENEO offers two highly functional prebiotic fibres for animal nutrition, which improve intestinal health and ensure the healthy upbringing of pets and livestock. Inulin and oligofructose occur in many plants. BENEO derives both from the chicory root.

  • Vegetable Proteins

    Vegetable Proteins

    Utilising the benefits of vegetable protein. Most animals require protein for a healthy nutrition. The use of high-grade sources of vegetable protein offers a whole range of benefits. Vital wheat gluten is one of the most concentrated vegetable protein sources. It occurs naturally in all wheat and wheat-derived flours. As an important source of glutamine it contributes significantly to the development of the intestinal absorption surface. RemyPro is a...

  • Human Nutrition

  • BeneoPro - Model W-Tex - Textured Wheat Protein

    BeneoPro - Model W-Tex - Textured Wheat Protein

    The first practical applications of wheat protein can be traced back to ancient China. Even there, it was already used as a vegetarian alternative to meat. Textured wheat protein offers a meat-like texture after hydration and is therefore used for partial or complete meat replacement. One part textured...