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  • Plastic Foils & Films

  • Ground Foil Used in Hydroponic Greenhouses

    Ground Foil Used in Hydroponic Greenhouses

    Ground foil is commonly used in hydroponic greenhouses as groundcover and for light reflection. It's available in one and multiple years quality. Also available dual sided in black/white.

  • Bubble Foil Used for Isolation

    Bubble Foil Used for Isolation

    Bubble foil is commonly used for isolation on the outside of the greenhouse. It can be mounted with special 'pilo' clips.

  • Agricultural Foil & Films

    Agricultural Foil & Films

    Extra strong foil and films for hay storage. Benfried holds various widths in stock on rolls of 50 mtr.'s.

  • Tunnel Foil

    Tunnel Foil

    Benfried supplies various types of tunnel follies with or without anti condensation. It's available in any desired length to fit the tunnel/greenhouse incl. multi year warranty!.

  • Irrigation

  • Drip Irrigation System

    Drip Irrigation System

    Netafim or French capillary are commonly used with drip irrigation. Choose the right dripper and go ahead. Let us do the right calculation for your drip irrigation system. Also the so called inline drippers are more commonly used. The right pump installation will take care of the right pressure and distribution throughout the system.

  • Water Silo`s and Polyester Storage/Tanks

    Water Silo`s and Polyester Storage/Tanks

    Water silo's are being used for the storage of irrigation and/or drainage water. We have many different sizes and shapes in our program. We are able to alter the material for use of clean or drainage water. Polyester tanks a commonly used for irrigation water incl. fertilizer solutions.

  • Mechanization

  • Meto Spraying System

    Meto Spraying System

    With the usage of this spraying robot, your personal won’t have to  walk between the crops during the spraying treatment. It does not only give a big improvement in working conditions but also in labor and agent saving.

  • Model TB60 - LVM Machines

    Model TB60 - LVM Machines

    TB60. The Powerfogger TB60 is the LVM without compressed air. With just a phase power connection, the powerfogger can handle 2 hectares from one place. With 25 liters per hour it has a much bigger capacity than the conventional LVM’s. By using the low pressure nozzles instead of high pressure is also possible to atomize powders and the chance of blockages becomes many times smaller. ( 44700003)