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  • AutoPLANT Piping

    AutoPLANT Piping

    Spec-driven 3D piping design with advanced routing and editing features. Drawing production includes orthographic drawings (plans, elevations and sections), using paper space view ports and exporting 3D model data to produce finished isometric drawings. Fully-featured automated isometric drawing production features are included in the Piping application. No additional licensing is required. Drawing Flattener produces flat, two-dimensional drawings...

  • Bentley Piping

    Bentley Piping

    Interactively route pipelines and place piping components in a 3D MicroStation or AutoCAD environment. Bentley Piping is a collective solution for MicroStation and AutoCAD-based piping design and modeling projects. Bentley Piping gives you the choice to deploy an adaptable solution for MicroStation (PlantSpace) or AutoCAD (AutoPLANT) projects using a single license. You can choose to use either the PlantSpace or AutoPLANT interface for the project....

  • Bentley PlantFLOW

    Bentley PlantFLOW

    Pipe network flow analysis using real-world 3D geometry. Bentley PlantFLOW enables users to quickly build, modify and review results of piping flow models using real-world 3D geometry that can be imported from plant design CAD systems, piping stress models, or created directly within the application. Once the system is modeled, you can calculate steady state single phase pressures, flow velocities, temperatures, and fluid properties in gas or liquid...

  • AutoPLANT Structural Detailer

    AutoPLANT Structural Detailer

    Bentley AutoPLANT Structural Detailer is a complete structural solution. It includes all the features of Structural Modeler and Structural Engineering, plus the ability to automatically generate the following directly from the model: Fabrication drawings NC (Numerically Controlled) data PPS/ERP (Project, Planning, and Control System / Enterprise Resource Planning) Data gathered from the model can be used for further processing with the...

  • Bentley AXSYS.Process

    Bentley AXSYS.Process

    In any major plant project, 80 percent of the capital expenditure is committed during the conceptual design phase. Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) must be done correctly to impact capital expenditure and Bentley’s AXSYS®.Process is the FEED product to achieve better front-end engineering and help minimize capital expenditure. Optimizing Front-End Engineering Design generally entails spending time evaluating alternative designs and then selecting...

  • Bentley Building Electrical Systems

    Bentley Building Electrical Systems

    Design automation, industry standard analysis interfaces, interoperability between design disciplines, and building information modeling combine to increase design productivity, optimize design, and maximize quality of AEC electrical projects. Electrical engineers, designers, drafters, and other AEC professionals can complete all aspects of electrical design including power and lighting, fire alarm, communications, security systems, and other building...

  • Bentley Building Mechanical Systems

    Bentley Building Mechanical Systems

    Bentley Building Mechanical Systems is an advanced, yet intuitive and easy-to-use building information modeling (BIM) application that empowers mechanical engineers to create air-handling and plumbing systems for buildings and industrial plants with unlimited freedom to: Explore more design options Make better informed design decisions Predict costs and performance Design and construction documents are automatically coordinated, eliminating...

  • Bentley Connector for mySAP.com

    Bentley Connector for mySAP.com

    The Bentley Connector is integrated into the MicroStation user interface and supports the entire SAP project lifecycle management environment. You can generate document index data in SAP from within a MicroStation session and can leverage the use of SAP master data in the creation of AEC content. Graphics are connected to SAP business objects automatically, and bills of materials can be produced and maintained from within MicroStation. The Connector is...

  • Bentley Datasheets

    Bentley Datasheets

    Bentley Datasheets is an add-on for other Functional Design applications, enabling you to produce and manage both instrumentation and equipment datasheets. Process, instrumentation and equipment data such as tag numbers, process data and vendor data is electronically synchronized between the document and the database, which reduces the time-intensive task of datasheet production.

  • Bentley Hookups

    Bentley Hookups

    Bentley Hookups is an add-on application to Instrumentation and Wiring that allows you to access and manage instrument installation detail drawings, as well as generate parts lists and bills of materials. Hookups utilizes Microsoft Excel as its native format for data storage and customization.

  • Bentley Instrumentation & Wiring

    Bentley Instrumentation & Wiring

    Bentley Instrumentation & Wiring provides an intuitive, graphical environment coupled with an integrated relational database for defining instrumentation, electrical and field bus data. An integrated report writer allows you to create and maintain instrument, cable, card and motor lists, along with other essential project specific reports. The CAD-independent drawing generation engine produces loop drawings, wiring diagrams, termination drawings, motor...

  • Bentley Navigator

    Bentley Navigator

    Bentley Navigator is a desktop application that enables you to visualize, navigate, and interact with intelligent 3D models of large, complex facilities using both graphical and non-graphical facility information. With Bentley Navigator, you can quickly and easily review equipment layouts, assess maintenance access and make informed design decisions. Bentley Navigator lets you perform detailed interference analyses and interference reviews before assets...

  • MicroStation PowerDraft

    MicroStation PowerDraft

    MicroStation PowerDraft is a professional-level application used for production 2D/3D drafting and detailing. PowerDraft provides an intuitive interface for creating, editing, and manipulating drawings and models in DGN or DWG format and is completely integrated with all Bentley solutions. Because PowerDraft and MicroStation are based on the same code base, they share many of the same features and functions, including MicroStation's full suite of...

  • Bentley Structural

    Bentley Structural

    Bentley Structural is an advanced, yet intuitive and easy-to-use building information modeling (BIM) application that empowers structural engineers and designers to create structural systems for buildings and industrial plants in steel, concrete, and timber with unlimited freedom.

  • Bentley Vision

    Bentley Vision

    Bentley Vision is a plant knowledge management application that provides seamless access to plant data and documentation through a single, easy-to-use interface. Vision's tag number- centric approach to data management puts the information you need at your fingertips. Select a tag numbered component from interface and all documents and data associated with the component are immediately available. Documents and data created as part of the design phase...

  • WinNOZL


    WinNOZL is a native Windows-based software program for the calculation of local stresses at nozzle/vessel junctions, trunnion attachment points, clip connections, and lug attachments on the shell. Based on well-known engineering design standards, WinNOZL helps engineers and designers quickly determine whether or not the wall of a pressure vessel, exchanger, or tank can withstand piping loads on the nozzle or withstand loads at clip and lug connections.

  • Digital InterPlot

    Digital InterPlot

    Digital InterPlot improves plot management, repeatability and distribution, thereby reducing the cost of consumables and labor. By creating and saving project plot archives with Digital InterPlot, project participants can view and print up-to-date, high-fidelity plots anywhere at any time, improving collaboration and ensuring the consistency of project information. Digital InterPlot uses a high-performance hybrid file format that is optimized for online...

  • Bentley PlantSpace IsoExtractor

    Bentley PlantSpace IsoExtractor

    PlantSpace IsoExtractor is an application for generating 2D isometric drawings directly from 3D piping models created using Bentley Piping. Drawings are generated complete with dimensions, labels and a bill of materials that includes nuts, bolts and welds. The isometric drawings can be modified using PlantSpace Isometrics and changes are automatically reflected in the bill of materials.

  • PlantSpace Isometrics

    PlantSpace Isometrics

    Bentley PlantSpace Isometrics facilitates the drafting of 3D isometrics used for pipeline fabrication and erection. It automatically generates bills of material, reports accurate weld, bend and pipe cut-length lists for fabrication and helps ensure correct material and component selection. Isometrics can be used alone or with isometrics generated using IsoExtractor. Changes made to isometric drawings can even be imported back to the model saving design...

  • PlantSpace Orthographics

    PlantSpace Orthographics

    PlantSpace Orthographics can reduce drawing production time by 80-90 percent when compared to traditional work processes for creating orthographic deliverables. The solution provides a flexible generation environment for users to support various drawing standards and conventions. PlantSpace Orthographics drastically reduces drawing generation man-hours. Users benefit from plan and section view drawings that conform to their standards and they are...

  • PlantSpace P&ID

    PlantSpace P&ID

    PlantSpace P&ID is a powerful application for creating piping and instrumentation diagrams. It combines high-productivity drafting tools with powerful data integration capabilities to speed the creation of drawings and enables easy access to external plant information. The software brings substantial savings in time and money expended for schematic creation.

  • PlantSpace SupportModeler

    PlantSpace SupportModeler

    PlantSpace SupportModeler provides flexibility in modeling 3D pipe supports components and assemblies. It offers dynamic visualization and extensive functionality, yet it is easy to use and customize. PlantSpace SupportModeler assemblies are extremely flexible, combining catalog components, steel welds and other assemblies into intelligent objects that are related by user-defined rules and placement options. Assemblies are selected, placed and...

  • STAAD.foundation


    STAAD.foundation is a cost-saving, comprehensive foundation design solution. It includes isolated footings, combined footings, strip footings, pile caps and mat foundations. All the modules are integrated and share the same loading data. It can be used as a standalone product or integrated with STAAD.Pro.

  • STAAD.Pro


    STAAD.Pro is the professional’s choice for steel, concrete, timber, aluminum and cold-formed steel design of low and high-rise buildings, culverts, petrochemical plants, tunnels, bridges, piles and much more!