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  • Mccormick

  • McCormick - Model X50 - Tractor

    McCormick - Model X50 - Tractor

    The X50 models are powered by a Perkins new generation engine using the latest technology to meet emission requirements.Two versions are available in the following configuration X50 Mechanical & X50 Powershuttle.

  • McCormick - Model T-MAX Series - Tractor

    McCormick - Model T-MAX Series - Tractor

    The T-MAX series is midway between the C-MAX range, of which it inherits the cab and the wheel base. The front and rear field lights as well as the front grille have been newly conceived and feature a superb new look.

  • Sumo UK

  • Sumo - Deep Tillage Seeder (DTS)

    Sumo - Deep Tillage Seeder (DTS)

    The Deep Tillage Seeder (DTS) drill is based on a concept known as ‘strip till drilling’, a method of only loosening and preparing a band of soil where the seed is to be placed and leaving the soil in between undisturbed, and therefore not working ground unnecessarily. There are many advantages to this process; it is quick, large areas can be drilled in one pass, soil structure improves (which means better drainage, less erosion and...

  • Sumo - Strake - Versatile Machine

    Sumo - Strake - Versatile Machine

    The Sumo Strake is a versatile machine which offers a multiple of benefits. The even distribution of chaff and straw combined with mixing with soil is essential when encouraging the growth of unwanted seeds including blackgrass. The 15mm carbide tips, combined with powerful spring tines prove an ideal combination when wanting to achieve a shallow tilth. This disturbance will provide the ideal conditions for the rogue seeds to chit. The superior frame...