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  • Evolution PTO Drive Shafts

  • Model V Evolution Series - PTO Drive Shafts

    Model V Evolution Series - PTO Drive Shafts

    Clearly, proper design also has to take into account the indications provided above in addition to the parameters related to the power to be transmitted. BENZI & DI TERLIZZI products are designed and tested to guarantee the utmost performance under all working conditions. Our technical office is assisted during the design of each product by CAD/CAM dedicated applications and specific instruments and by 3D solid modelling programmes. All components...

  • Torque Limiters & Overrunning Clutches

  • Friction Disc Clutch

    Friction Disc Clutch

    The relative rotation of the friction surface limits the transmitted torque to a preset value. This can be used as a safety device for highinertia machines/implements. The tightening torque can be adjusted by modifying the compression value of the spiralshaped springs.

  • Shear Bolt Clutch

    Shear Bolt Clutch

    This clutch cuts off power transmission when the torque exceeds the calibration value. The bolt must be replaced with one of equal size and resistance class. The torque limit can be calibrated based on bolt size and position with respect to the rotation axis of the drive shaft.

  • Overrunning Clutch

    Overrunning Clutch

    The overrunning clutch eliminates power comebacks to the tractor during the deceleration phases. It is recommended for implements with high inertial mass.