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  • Bunching Machines

  • Furora Compact - Bunching Machines for Cut Flowers

    Furora Compact - Bunching Machines for Cut Flowers

    Using the Furora Compact you can grade and bunch large volumes of flowers into uniform bunches in an automated process. Do your customers demand variable gradings? No problem at all; the Furora Compact has the capability to process different qualities and gradings into uniform bunches – all at the same time. You create a separate programme for each cultivar so that you can easily set up several gradings. Using this bunching and grading machine,...

  • Furora Nova - Automated Grading and Bunching Machines for Cut Flowers

    Furora Nova - Automated Grading and Bunching Machines for Cut Flowers

    The Furora Nova bunching machine grades and bunches different types of cut flower, such as chrysanthemums and summer flowers, within a fully automated process. Different gradings and qualities can be processed at the same time using this system; ranging from non-graded flowers to uniform upper and lower bunch consistency. Not only will your grading and bunching processing be significantly faster, but the quality of the graded bunches will also be...

  • RoseMatic - Bunching Machines

    RoseMatic - Bunching Machines

    The RoseMatic processes roses quickly and efficiently. The machine has now been extended with new functionalities to conform better to the requirements of customers beyond Europe. Better bunching results and more uniform bunches are achieved using this machine thanks to the three separate cameras which assess each stem individually for accurate grading.

  • Flower Processing Lines

  • Flower Processing Machine

    Flower Processing Machine

    With a flower processing line tailored to your needs you can speed up and streamline the processing of flowers into uniform bunches or bouquets within your business. If you are looking for a flower processing line that will fit in seamlessly with your business process, please feel free to contact us for custom advice.

  • FloraOptima - Flower Processing Machine

    FloraOptima - Flower Processing Machine

    The FloraOptima is the latest flower processing line from Bercomex. This system provides increased ease of operation and improved efficiency in your flower processing. The FloraOptima can be supplied in a variety of versions. We would be happy to visit your nursery or bouquet making facility to provide custom advice.

  • Debulbing System

  • Debulbing Machine

    Debulbing Machine

    This compact debulbing machine carefully removes flower bulbs, such as tulip bulbs, without damaging the stems or unduly reducing their length. By virtue of its ergonomic design, the machine is quiet, clean and easy to adjust. An intelligent correction system positions the bulbs so that debulbing can be carried out at great speed.

  • Bucket Filling Machines

  • Aquamatic Bucket Filler

    Aquamatic Bucket Filler

    With the Aquamatic bucket filler, you will always have a supply of ready-filled buckets for your flowers. Round buckets are quickly filled and easily de-stacked without any water being spilled. This user-friendly system combines well with various flower processing lines and bunching machines.

  • Quickfill  - Bucket Filler

    Quickfill - Bucket Filler

    The Quickfill bucket filler will fill up to 500 buckets or containers per hour. This compact machine can be moved easily and is ergonomic, in that stacks of buckets no longer need to be lifted manually. The QuickFill is a rugged and sturdily constructed machine.