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Berg Hortimotive’s aim is to remove all the difficulties and problems that arise in the logistical processes of businesses operating in the horticulture greenhouse sector. We supply custom solutions for all the processes carried out in greenhouses, right through to preparing products for dispatch. He realised that the system of heating pipes found in most greenhouses was ideally suited to be used for internal transport trolleys. The rest of that story is well known. The company started to design more and more new variations based on that initial pipe rail trolley, which are manufactured according the user`s needs. The range of systems continues to increase, from crop cultivation to crop spraying, and crop harvesting to internal transport.

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Burg. Crezeelaan 42a , De Lier , 2678 KZ Netherlands
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The Berg Hortimotive systems provide businesses with the opportunity to optimise the management of their operations. With our own in-house engineering and production departments we are able to meet the demands of a whole range of customers growing a wide variety of crops in different countries.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) also plays an important role in Berg Hortimotive’s mission. Berg Hortimotive accepts responsibility for the consequences of their business activities on people and the environment. When making decisions, we always try to reach an acceptable balance with respect to People, Planet and Profit. We go even further because we aim for market opportunities, growth and innovation which profit people, society and the environment at the same time. This applies now and in the future.

CSR is a continuous process and does not represent a final destination. The aims pursued are modified according to the times, and in response to each decision made by the company. Berg Hortimotive looks for feasible actions in order to give form to its social responsibility.

We are closely involved with our customers and endeavour to have long term relationships with them. Thanks to the innovative nature of our working methods, we are able to provide points of reference for future challenges.

The global horticulture greenhouse sector is on the move for a number of reasons. The growing demand for food is pushing businesses to maximise crop yields. Simultaneously, labour intensive processes demand that production is made cost effective by way of increases of scale. Production is increasingly concentrated in the home market in order to raise the quality of the produce while reducing costs and limiting the environmental impact of transportation. Food safety is another important issue.

In many of these developments, logistics in the horticulture greenhouse sector play a crucial role. Automated systems can make a significant contribution to the profitability of the operation. In their increasingly important role as managers, growers must be able to fall back on technology that not only supports, but raises the level of continuity of the business operations.

Berg Hortimotive provides these solutions . We design technologies and systems for every type of business and every sort of crop which help simplify processes, raise both employee satisfaction and safety levels, as well making the whole operation more manageable. This translates into higher yields and profits for the business.

Arie van den Berg was one of the original inventors of the pipe rail trolley in 1975. With this invention he not only founded the firm of Berg Product, but he also signalled the introduction of a completely new method of working in greenhouses. Berg Hortimotive, which changed its name from Berg Product in 2011, is dramatically changing the internal logistics of greenhouses based on the original pipe rail trolley.

The great affinity of Arie van den Berg with the horticulture greenhouse sector played no small role in guaranteeing the practical orientation of the solutions on offer.

Nowadays Berg Hortimotive is a leading, international supplier, with internal logistics as its main theme. Customers can call on the company based in De Lier, the Netherlands, for a single pipe rail trolley, but also for a comprehensive, hi-tech solution based on automated induction systems. The company employs around 50 professionals who take responsibility for both providing advice to customers and engineering services. Berg Hortimotive controls the production in order to guarantee efficiency of that stage.