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  • Harvest & Transportation

  • Benomic - Model AGV - Harvesting Wagon

    Benomic - Model AGV - Harvesting Wagon

    The letters AGV stand for 'Automatically Guided Vehicle'.  The choice between the AGV or the standard harvesting wagon depends on a number of factors. If you would like to know what would best suit your situation, please contact us so that we can arrange a meeting to discuss your particular requirements. The lower part of the AGV is virtually standard for most crops. Depending on the application, you can choose for a harvesting rack, a container,...

  • BeTrac - Electro Tow Truck

    BeTrac - Electro Tow Truck

    The BeTrac Electro Tow Truck is the most easy and versatile tow truck in the greenhouse industry. It distinguish itself by its high quality components, long life time simple design. Versatile and reliable The versatile BeTrac is the 'icing on the cake' in your internal greenhouse logistics. And by the use of a normal comfortable chair and steer its really easy and enjoyable to use. The extremely solid BeTrac is because of its electromotor...

  • Harvest and Transportation Carts

    Harvest and Transportation Carts

    Considerable progress has been made in the 'cultivation under glass’ industry since the use of central heating pipes as transport rails. Harvest and transportation carts prove this time and time again. For many decades now, Berg Hortimotive, one of the initiators of the pipe rail, has been developing and building harvest carts for all types of crops including cucumbers, tomatoes, aubergines, peppers, gerbera’s, pot plants,...

  • Roses Harvest Trolley

    Roses Harvest Trolley

    The Roses harvest trolley is a pipe rail trolley fitted with a platform and harvest containers on both sides. During rose cutting the picker stands on the platform. The platform and both containers are adjustable in height to match each specific situation. The Roses harvest trolley works as follows. The picker stands on the platform and the trolley runs along the pipe rails automatically controlled by either a hip or foot switch. The cut roses are...

  • Crop Protection

  • Electric Hose Reels

    Electric Hose Reels

    The primary purpose of the reel is the smooth unrolling and firm rewind action of the hose. The various hose reel designs all contribute to working conditions improvement in respect of spraying and watering activities. It is common knowledge that dragging and pulling spray and water hoses are essentially unpleasant and time-consuming tasks. Berg Hortimotive electric hose reel eliminates this problem. Due to magnetic couplings releasing the hose drum...

  • Model 150 - Pipe Rail  Spray Trolley

    Model 150 - Pipe Rail Spray Trolley

    The pipe rail trolley 150cm is a standard in the 'cultivation under glass' industry. From the introduction of the pipe rail system in greenhouses, one is hard put to imagine a greenhouse without a pipe rail trolley. It has now become a standard system in today’s modern horticultural industry.

  • Crop Care

  • Star - Model Benomic Series - Crop Care

    Star - Model Benomic Series - Crop Care

    The successful Benomic Series has been enlarged with a new model – The BENOMIC STAR. This pipe rail wagon is a follow-on development of the current Benomic and includes improvements where they have been considered appropriate. The STAR is aimed mainly at plant care. As standard the wagon is fitted with a twin scissor hoist giving a platform height of 300 cm. The smart design has resulted in placing an extremely versatile and competitively priced...

  • EasyKit - Model Benomic Series - Advanced Hydraulic Pipe

    EasyKit - Model Benomic Series - Advanced Hydraulic Pipe

    For all these daily jobs where an advanced hydraulic pipe rail trolley is not strictly necessary we introduce our Benomic EasyKit. The biggest challenge for our R&D-department this time was “keep it simple”. Everything that’s not directly necessary for the proper working of a pipe rail trolley you won’t find on this innovative budget model.

  • Handling Systems

  • B-FlowFill - Vertical Container Filler

    B-FlowFill - Vertical Container Filler

    The B-FlowFill is purpose engineered for the automatic filling of buckets and flower containers. The filler is easy to operate and generates substantial labour reductions. The B-FlowFill Vertical is designed for intensive usage. Automating the bucket filling process can never be deemed superfluous. Berg Hortimotive’s container filler is especially developed for the automatic filling of buckets and flower containers with water, possibly preceded...