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  • 3pt Hitch Harrows

    3pt Hitch Harrows

    The goal of our research & development team was to design the ultimate harrow in regards to 'tine to ground' consistent contact as well as having aggressive qualities. Bergen is the leader in heavy harrows, and has diligently worked at finding out what truly works and what is pure 'gimmick'. We have an extensive knowledge in heavy harrows and have placed much of that experience into our 3 point hitch models. Our ½' tine also has better...

  • Hydraulic Drive Augers

    Hydraulic Drive Augers

    Grain augers are one of the most common pieces of equipment around most farm yards. This one is anything but 'common'. You want to move an auger easily?, this is the 'toy' for that project! Need to move grain in the summer, in the winter, or in a hurry? The 10 3/4' Bergen grain auger can do just that for you. With the hydraulic drive wheels, steering and flighting control, a Bergen Hydraulic Drive Grain Auger is the slickest piece of equipment for...

  • ATV Trailers

  • Deluxe Hunter

    Deluxe Hunter

    This model is a step up from 'The Hunter' with heavier steel and a tailgate. It's great to have around the farm yard or worksite and because of its size, it enables you to get your tools and equipment to those tight-to-get-at places. Dimensions - Length: 48', Width: 48', Depth: 24'. Specs - 1-2000lb axle, 14ga. sheet metal.

  • Model Tilt-Deck - ATV Trailer

    Model Tilt-Deck - ATV Trailer

    This is the most convenient ATV trailer, with the ability to have different tilt adjustments and a two-way tread plate tailgate that can function as a 'gravel-gate' as well as a 'ramp gate'. Dimensions - Length: 72', width: 48', Depth: 24' Specs - 2-2000lbs tandem walking axles, 14 ga. sheet metal.

  • Header Transports

  • Model 3600S - Header Transport

    Model 3600S - Header Transport

    Our most popular Header Transport model featuring a single solid axle and is designed for headers that are a maximum 36' in length. When you need to transport and store your combine header, you must be able to do it safely and efficiently. The BERGEN 3600 Header Transport is the ideal tool for ensuring stability as you move your Header to it's next location.

  • Model 3600 Gooseneck - Header Transport

    Model 3600 Gooseneck - Header Transport

    This model changes up the carrying capacity and maneuverability of the header transport. It does so with an added axle under a gooseneck for easier steering and less weight on the towing vehicle. In the BERGEN tradition, the header transport is durable and sturdy. Additional features include a gated entry at the rear for the storage of extra cutter bars. The 225/ 75 R15 radial tires vary your header with smoothness. For peace of mind, put your header...