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  • Bermuda King - Harvesters

  • Bermuda King - Road Ready Harvester

    Bermuda King - Road Ready Harvester

    The ROAD READY HARVESTER offers side delivery and is designed for the operator who moves from field to field. The hydraulically operated elevator is quickly and easily changed from the transporting position to the field operating position without detaching it from the harvester.

  • Bermuda King - Rear Load Harvester

    Bermuda King - Rear Load Harvester

    The Rear Load Harvester are user friendly for the individual operator. Just attach a trailer to the back of the harvester and the “kicker” will load the sprigs for you.

  • Bermuda King - Planters

  • Bermuda King - Row Planter

    Bermuda King - Row Planter

    The ROW PLANTER has been used successfully worldwide for quick coverage of Bermuda grass. This planter cultivates the ground and helps eliminate unnecessary grasses and weeds while sprigging. It is ideal for planting pastures, hayfields, highway right-of-ways, water ways, soil conservation tracts and reclamation areas, sod and turf farms and golf courses.

  • Bermuda King - No-Till Row Planter

    Bermuda King - No-Till Row Planter

    The No-Till Row Planter is designed to plant sprigs in an existing crop. This saves times and money as well as providing minimal disturbance to the soil which aids in moisture retention.

  • Bermuda King - Fairway Planter

    Bermuda King - Fairway Planter

    The Fairway Planter is ideal for planting athletic fields, golf courses, recreation areas, sod and turf farms, areas surrounding ponds or anywhere you want to keep the land surface as undisturbed as possible. Fairway planters broadcast sprigs rather than cultivate the ground.