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  • Spray Drying

    Spray Drying

    Spray drying is one of the mildest drying processes known today. The average retention time of a spray dried particle in a spray dryer will be less than a second (25,000 m3/hour of air entering a 80 m3 drying chamber). Spray drying is also the most common technology today for the production of microcapsules (> 90%).

  • Caviar, Royal Caviar And Vitellus

    Caviar, Royal Caviar And Vitellus

    BernAqua pioneered this technology in 2000 and since then has continued to benefit from this at a large scale and low cost. Our micro encapsulation technology is still unique in the world. BernAqua protein microcapsules are complex microcapsules. Our complex microcapsules are composed of lipid beads and liposomal nanocapsules trapped in a protein matrix mainly composed of fresh fish and squid. These complex microcapsules are produced by complex...