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  • Row Crops

  • Pulvasol - Small Mounted Sprayer

    Pulvasol - Small Mounted Sprayer

    A simple and efficient 200-litre sprayer fitted with a boom or a hose reel. PULVASOL is a constant pressure sprayer, available in 200 litres and fitted with a 7 m boom or a professional hose reel. It has the advantage of the technologies and know-how present on the rest of the BERTHOUD range of mounted sprayers. It is simple to use and has all the qualities required for an efficient partner on your farm.

  • Vines & Fruit Bushes-Dusters

  • Win Air - Trailed Sprayer

    Win Air - Trailed Sprayer

    The trailed WIN’AIR sprayer is available in 4 capacities of 600, 800 1,000 and 1,500 litres. This easy-to-handle and compact sprayer capitalises on BERTHOUD's crop spraying expertise (diffusers, fans, calibration system, etc.) and combines a number of significant developments to meet the future needs of the vine-growing world (new tank-chassis, new fan unit, new generation of side-by-side sprayers and booms, pneumatic and Air Drive...

  • Vega - Mounted Duster

    Vega - Mounted Duster

    The mounted VEGA duster: impressive versatility and application precision. The VEGA is a small capacity (120 litres) duster that is perfect for 3 row straddle tractors or narrow vineyard tractors (mounted). Its straightforward and clever design (supply using a feed screw and the presence of an anti-arching vibrating partition) enables outstanding application quality in terms of perfect precision and regularity in powder dosing.

  • Orchards

  • Berthoud Maxair - Mounted Sprayer

    Berthoud Maxair - Mounted Sprayer

    A classic range with a wide choice of capacities and fans according to the type of spraying you wish to carry out:  orchards, vines or mixed fruit bushes.