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  • Row Crops

  • Pulvasol - Small Mounted Sprayer

    Pulvasol - Small Mounted Sprayer

    A simple and efficient 200-litre sprayer fitted with a boom or a hose reel. PULVASOL is a constant pressure sprayer, available in 200 litres and fitted with a 7 m boom or a professional hose reel. It has the advantage of the technologies and know-how present on the rest of the BERTHOUD range of mounted sprayers. It is simple to use and has all the qualities required for an efficient partner on your farm.

  • HERMES - Large Mounted Sprayer

    HERMES - Large Mounted Sprayer

    The HERMES mounted sprayer is available in 3 capacities (8,00, 1,000, 1,200 litres). It has the advantage of a functional design which makes it very compact and easy to use. It is fitted with the new EcoMatic valve block as standard, and the new ALSR rear folding boom from 15 to 18 metres with an Axiale-type suspension.

  • ELYTE - Large Mounted Sprayer

    ELYTE - Large Mounted Sprayer

    Work rate, work comfort and operator safety. Safety, work comfort, precision of the application and respect for the environment all in one. Available in 2 capacities (1,200 and 1,600 litres) and with 4 types of regulation systems (Autoregulator, DP Control, DP Tronic and EC Tronic), it can hold AXIALE booms and the ALSR, ULYS and ELYPSE folding rear booms. You can also optimise your profitability by connecting the ELYTE to the TANDEM front tank and so...

  • Vines & Fruit Bushes-Dusters

  • Twist Air - Semi-Mounted Sprayer

    Twist Air - Semi-Mounted Sprayer

    Optimum handling and simplified operation. The semi-mounted TWIST’AIR sprayer is available in 3 capacities of 600, 800 and 1,000 litres. It offers excellent handling (turning angle of up to 90°) and stability thanks to its significant ground clearance.It also features all-new high-performance equipment which delivers impressive spraying quality: the TWINMIST cannon and AIRMIST Duo diffusers make it possible to cover great heights, obtain...

  • Win Air - Trailed Sprayer

    Win Air - Trailed Sprayer

    The trailed WIN’AIR sprayer is available in 4 capacities of 600, 800 1,000 and 1,500 litres. This easy-to-handle and compact sprayer capitalises on BERTHOUD's crop spraying expertise (diffusers, fans, calibration system, etc.) and combines a number of significant developments to meet the future needs of the vine-growing world (new tank-chassis, new fan unit, new generation of side-by-side sprayers and booms, pneumatic and Air Drive...

  • Apolo - Trailed Dusters

    Apolo - Trailed Dusters

    The APOLO duster is a high-capacity low-profile mounted duster with a unique design on the market. It enables outstanding application quality in terms of perfect precision and regularity in dosing the powder. The APOLO duster has a capacity of 600 litres, which corresponds, depending on the quantities applied, to an application capacity of 10 to 15 hectares. 

  • Vega - Mounted Duster

    Vega - Mounted Duster

    The mounted VEGA duster: impressive versatility and application precision. The VEGA is a small capacity (120 litres) duster that is perfect for 3 row straddle tractors or narrow vineyard tractors (mounted). Its straightforward and clever design (supply using a feed screw and the presence of an anti-arching vibrating partition) enables outstanding application quality in terms of perfect precision and regularity in powder dosing.

  • Maxair - Compact Mounted Sprayer

    Maxair - Compact Mounted Sprayer

    The versatility and efficiency of a mounted sprayer for vines and fruit trees. The mounted MAXAIR sprayer is a compact machine that is easy to use and offers multiple solutions depending on your requirements. It is available in 4 capacities (200, 300, 400 and 600 litres) and features robust equipment, in keeping with the current standards and regulations. The mounted MAXAIR sprayer is fitted with a rear intake fan measuring between 400 m and 840 mm in...

  • Orchards

  • Berthoud Maxair - Mounted Sprayer

    Berthoud Maxair - Mounted Sprayer

    A classic range with a wide choice of capacities and fans according to the type of spraying you wish to carry out:  orchards, vines or mixed fruit bushes.

  • Berthoud Tenor - Trailed Sprayer

    Berthoud Tenor - Trailed Sprayer

    TENOR, the new trailed sprayer, is designed to meet the requirements of the future. Safe and easy to operate, greater productivity, ergonomics, ecofriendliness and best spraying practice – nothing has been overlooked in the design of this new machine. New lines, rounded shape, high-performance features in a sprayer which is fully equipped/fully integrated for unmatchable operating ease and convenience. This sprayer complies with the most...

  • Berthoud Sprinter - Trailed Sprayer

    Berthoud Sprinter - Trailed Sprayer

    The SPRINTER trailed sprayer provides an answer to customers looking for a simple, compact and lightweight machine. Its intelligent architecture has been developed to combine the practical with the economic in a “small format”. The SPRINTER is the ideal choice for a modern technical solution: a compact, light and multipurpose machine. Its small size, its low weight and its compact size makes this a machine which only requires low towing...