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  • Plant Excavator

    Plant Excavator

    The plant excavator is indispensable in the nursery for pulling out, baring their roots, fruit trees, vines, roses, seed beds poplars, hornbeams, linden trees, etc.  It is completely hyfraulic and the ploughshare can be moved up to a metre out of the gauge, depending on the tractor's width.  It can be secured to the lifter of all 540 revolutions PTO tractors by means of the three-point universal joint.  It is available in three...

  • Pneumatic Hoeing Machine

    Pneumatic Hoeing Machine

    Pneumatic hoeing machine. It is used to hoe and clean between the soil bank's row astride one or even two rows of plants.The advantages of this machine Include saving on labour costs and on the use of chemical substances thereby making operations environmentally friendly.lts excellent performace is at its best in rows of roses before grafting and in keeping the nursery clean. It may be used for roses fruit trees, forest trees,...

  • Ridging Plough

    Ridging Plough

    This equipment must be connected to the tractor's three points. It Is made up of a frame equipped with two hydraulic spirals moved by two motors and a two pressure distributor. It is used to hold and  vertically secure the first branches, those Closest  to the ground. It simultaneously works as a ridging plough and builds a small bank that can block the branches. Thanks to this system, quality and productivity will  improve by...

  • Ridging Plough for Graft Holding Mother Plant

    Ridging Plough for Graft Holding Mother Plant

    This special ridging equipment is made up of adjustable components. The cutting assemblies are moved by hydraulic components through an Integrated system made up of 2 pumps, 2 motors, an approximately 70 1 oil tank and an oil cooler to avoid the oil overheating (maximum temperature: 65 degrees). It is secured to the tractor's three points and it is actuated through a universal joint that connects the pump to the tractor's 540 revolution PTO. The...

  • Piragna - Cutter

    Piragna - Cutter

    This special CUTTER Is secured to the tractor's three points. It prunes and minces youngs nursery plants (grafted peaches, prunus ceraslfera. quinces, apples, plums, grafted wild trees, roses, etc.). With Just one    operation the plants is cut at the required height and the waste minced by a powerful grinder and scattered on the soil. The whole process is environmentally friendly and the scattered waste will. In time, become precious...

  • Model TT - Wheel Type Transplanter

    Model TT - Wheel Type Transplanter

    Trasmission-less wheel-type transplanter, exceptiona when used for graft holders, wild plants, cuttings, nursery vines for poplar implants, (forest trees for reforestation) packaged plants.(bay cupressur paris leylandi etc. In maximum 7 cm cubes) The distance between plants car vary from a mlnimun of 6 cm to any value multiple of six. It requires no maintenance and has no running costs. Version: 1-2-3 rows.

  • Tall Multi-Row Rotary Machine

    Tall Multi-Row Rotary Machine

    This special rotary machine with adjustable components simultaneously works as a rotary machine and ridging plough. Its particulary tall and resistant frame can rise above even very tall plants. Necessary tractor power: 50HP - 540 revolution PTO   

  • Small Facilitator

    Small Facilitator

    Four-adjustable-wheels version for setting the depth of and compacting the soil on the cutting, vase or transplanted plant. It can be secured to the tractor's three points. You canset bare-roots plants, forest plants, cubes or turf portions with a diameter of maximum 25 cm. all sitting down. It is simple to use and requires no maintenance costs.

  • Model 2 RM - Small Tractor

    Model 2 RM - Small Tractor

    This small sized tractor can be used between your nursery's rows of plants Instead of a powered cultivator. It Is equipped for a number of different operations including milling, hoeing, weeding, manure spreading.

  • Model BT 2002 K DT - Tractor

    Model BT 2002 K DT - Tractor

    Kubota die&el engine 20 HP- 3 cylinders 4-wheel drive with rear  dlfferential loc to engage and disengage  control of 4 wheels. Mechanical transml    ssion with forward speed 4 + 4 in reverse reversing device rapid moto. Hydraulic rear lift capacity '350 Kg.  Wheels 6.5/80-15 * 400-10. Weight Kg. 525. Length: 2280 mm. Width 700 or 780              ...