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  • Tillers


    The second product in Bestbier’s Agri division is a custom-built tiller. As every farmer has specific requirements very much different from the next, this product is completely customisable, i.e. number of tines, operational width, beam thickness, roller, etc. The standard tiller, if no special design is required, has 31 s-shank kongskilde sweeps, is 3 meters wide and includes a roller (crumbler). A tractor of minimum 40kW power output is required.

  • Graders


    As Bestbier started off in a farming community, the cost of hiring a grader to maintain gravel roads was a common-known fact, and an option not considered by many farmers, unless no other means were possible.  Once again, Herman spotted a solution to a very common problem.  After researching and developing the first model, it was tested at his Trompsburg farm and proved to be a great success.  A few improvements and tweaks were added and so the...